Despair is back at it again, this time with a Ginseng produced track titled “Running Blind”. I’ve been talking to Despair since I did my last article on him, and this song has been in the works for some time now. The two have been working on together for roughly a month, and it truly shows. From an earworm hook to a killer verse, this song is sure to not disappoint.

The song starts out with a very impactful and heartfelt guitar. You feel the tension on the strings, rubbing on blisters and calluses from continued playing. It evokes a feeling of time and character put into the instrument, opposed to a prebuilt VST from FL. A few moments later, we get a harmonious addition to that guitar. Going from that single melody to adding the counter melody only adds to the flavor of this track. Something I can’t forget to mention has to be the iconic Ginseng tag that plays as the counter melody comes in, stacking another layer onto this track, giving it some more oomph. From there, we get something a little more uncommon. The drums in the beat starts, but Despair doesn’t come in just yet – he just lets it ride. I think this is brilliant. It gives listeners a chance to see what simply listening to the beat feels like. It gave a completely different feeling to how a traditional track is heard, and really made me focus on the beat more than I normally would.

Just like on my last review of a Despair track, he continues his raw delivery. This song however has a little bit more autotune to it, but not much. His vocal talent is something that not many in the underground can do. When you hear a hip hop/rap song, most of the time the artist stays on one pitch, or they go up and down a few notches. With Despair however, it’s a completely different story. He manages to cover higher highs and stay on pitch, and when he is in his most monotonous parts of the song, they still sound well rounded. 

Lyrics in a track are always something that catch my attention, even after multiple listens. When you hear a song over and over like most writers do to catch every detail possible, it’s always good to go back and find something new that makes you enjoy the track even more than the listen before. Despair does this to me with the lyrics in this track. 

running out of time // I got you on my mind // constantly // feels like I’m running blind // can’t see what’s in front of me // or maybe it’s that I’m tired of trying // why do I wanna die // why is it that I want to cry // I’m in the rain but I can’t get dry // maybe it’s that I can’t live this lie

The culmination of everything that I believe makes a good track is on here. From an infectious beat that gets drilled your head, to wonderful highs and lows in the vocals, to having good lyrics for the song that makes you come back again and again. Despair is artist that doesn’t get as much exposure as he deserves. His newest album IN CHAINS is looking to drop soon, and I can’t wait for it. I think that will be his proving ground, breaking into a bigger audience and truly getting the success I think he deserves. Check out the track down below and tell us what you think.