After taking a year hiatus from making music, 7rip is back again with an infectious new EP titled Legalize Crack. The two-track project is something that blows you away as soon as you hit play. The project doesn’t hold back for even a second, as the opening track, “1-800-KICKDOORS” is a full forced track that will get you jumping as soon as it comes on.

The track starts out with the thing I enjoy most on tracks. The 808s. The 808s come in and then stay for good, along with a really nice melody. It’s a bit hard to describe, but here is my take on it – Imagine something with an outer-worldly feeling to it, and then rewinding it over and over. That’s what the melody sounds like to me. Another thing this track has is that it’s full of very raw and vibrant energy. Take for example the opening lyrics of the track.

One gun, two guns, three guns, four // Trip going kick your fucking door.

I know that my words on your screen aren’t going to make you think, “I know exactly what he is talking about now when he said raw energy!”, but if you listen to the song, I think you’ll be pleased to see that it was a good description of the track.

7rip brings the same raw energy to the final track on this EP entitled “abortion”. This track was teased to us about a month ago on Twitter. After we got this small taste of this track, we didn’t hear anything about it, until it came out just three days ago. The track has also evolved since then, the most notable part being the addition of a gehrman feature. The two work together on this track extremely well, as both 7rip and gehrman both have that kind of scratchy but surreal voice. The beat of this song follows the same energy as the song prior, continuing the theme of raw and vibrant energy.
This EP was something I wasn’t expecting, and I was really surprised by how it turned out. 7rip is something else on Twitter, and his energy from there transfers to his music insanely well. This EP is something that fits into the mold of the likes of Nascar Aloe as well as many artists in the horrorcore scene. Check out the EP down below, and tell us what you think.