Still relatively new to the scene with a small discography to his name, artist Donavon has been hitting back-to-back home runs with his last two singles. The singer follows up his success with a new EDM-infused R&B project, BADMIND, maintaining his momentum with the same level of quality we’ve come to expect from his work.

The EP hits hard from the start, with his most recent single, “Bad”, as the first track. The atmospheric reverb of the production combined with Donavon’s airy voice sounds ethereal, while the crispy drums on the song keep things moving, and make it upbeat.

The next song, “Trip”, is a highlight of this short and sweet EP. This track is just as atmospheric as the previous one, and it features the same drums that bring Donavon’s music that foot-tapping, infectious energy. This time, however, EDM-inspired synths provide an intoxicating feel to the soundscape as Donavon’s airy falsetto shines through.

Both songs in the first half of this EP explore the high points of Donavon’s relationships with women, and paints how powerful the manic infatuation we have with our significant others can be, and how they sometimes grab us by the head and pull us in. “Bad” details the high-charged energy of a toxic, tumultuous relationship, while “Trip” is a little more lighthearted. After transitioning through a short interlude, the project slows down to a more introspective, laid-back mood.

“Control”, the third-to-last track, is a quieter, less energetic take on Donavon’s groovy, atmospheric style. The layered vocals of the hook are passed through a vocoder that give it an interesting retro feel, before Donavon flows right back into his usual unfiltered, airy vocal performance. The project ends with “These Days”, his breakthrough single, and a short instrumental outro, reminding us of why we enjoy his music so much in the first place; the warm keyboard chords, the extra kick provided by the drums, and the pleasant singing about love coming and going as life passes by, bring us a beautiful 2 minutes of highly polished R&B that will have us thinking about our relationships even after the song ends.

At its core, Donavon’s music strikes a deep chord with its audience. Listen to BADMIND below.