NovaGang member Visionblur has dropped another hit. “Backpack” is an atmospheric and hypnotizing track filled with braggadocious lyrics guided by somber, yet angelic vocals. Fellow NovaGang member Prblm provided flawless production driven by a bright and airy pad, accompanied with gloomy 808s and unique percussion that compliments visionblur’s style perfectly. The Texas native delivers catchy, laid back vocal melodies that are quite different compared to his previous work, but it just shows his growth as a young artist. Melancholic lines such as

Riding round a town // Got a grinning frown // Feeling kinda down // Like a lost and found

Capture emotion and perfectly offset the rest of the song’s lyrical content. With only 5 songs on his account, this offering leaves us anticipating his upcoming project and wanting more.

Stream “Backpack” on Soundcloud here:

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