Mystery man and underground favorite 2seat delivers another stylish track, “uwu”, just in time for summer. Now with head nods from Vision4k and Mixed Matches, 2seat has ramped up his output in the past couple of weeks, and his career appears poised for a strong ascendance in the coming months.

“Uwu” once again employs production from Level, following in the footsteps of his previous drugged-out autotune anthem, “type beat”. 2seat sounds more energetic this time, crooning in falsetto over Level’s pulsing synths and ear-knocking 808s. The two artists are a perfect match on this song, as the beat’s hazy, laid-back atmosphere is sped up to a fast-paced tempo, and 2seat’s distorted, high-pitched vocals complete the track by amping up the energy an extra notch. Listening to these elements combined feels like coming up on a concoction of pills and uppers: the melodies are carefree and positive, the bass sounds like a racing heartbeat, and the song comes together as a whole to form a lively soundtrack. Listen to “uwu” below.