Tampa Florida native Marc the Prophet is making big moves in the rap scene ahead of his new project. Find out about his influences, goals and and more.

To kick things off let everyone know who you are and what you do.

Name is Marc Francois aka Marc the Prophet. I’m a 21 year old Tampa rapper who tries to make good music as often as possible.

How did you get started with making music?

Back in like middle school when I was 12-13 I would write lyrics on paper just for fun but never went farther than that. I stopped writing and doing anything musical related cause I was playing sports. It wasn’t until towards the end of my junior year of high school that I wanted to do music. I remember exactly where I was. It was early morning probably around 9am on my way to my next class and I was walking in the hallways. I always had Joey’s latest album B4.DA.$$ but I guess I had never heard “Curry Chicken” off that album for whatever reason. When that song came onto shuffle and I heard those first couple seconds play, I knew in that exact moment that making music as spectacular as that was my purpose here.

That’s a damn good song for sure. Do you think if you hadn’t had that moment you’d still be focused on sports?

To be honest I really don’t know. I wanna say no because I had a prick coach who ruined football for me my junior year so after the season I was just contemplating whether I should even play senior year or not. I had been playing football since I was 5. But even if I didn’t have that moment like I said I figured out that music was my calling so if I didn’t figure it out in that moment when it happened, I assume I would’ve found out some other way. I believe things get lined up for people like that if they have a purpose.

I feel you some people are just drawn to music like that. Let’s speak about your name, why do you go by “the prophet” and how did it come about?

Being 100% real with you that name strictly came around by chance. When I first started back in 2015 I went by “SyKo” corny I know lol. And i didnt like that name so I went through a couple more like “Marco P” and then just my real name “Marc Francois” and I went with that for about a year and a half. It wasn’t until 2017 when I dropped a song called “Big Money” which was a mix to shoot the roof by Lil Yachty) and I had one line where I said “I am the prophet, I’m making that profit” and I remember hearing all my homies and some locals reciting that line specifically compared to all the others. Even at shows, I performed they would shout that line with me. So I kinda said fuck it. It sounds nice let me be marc the prophet and that’s been my name ever since.

It’s a good name fr, it fits your aesthetic really well and stuff.
And trust I’ve heard a lot worse names than SyKo lmao. Speaking of shows are you planning on doing any soon?

I been tryna look around and hit people up and so far it’s been no luck. There’s an event coming up in June called Tampa beat weekend and that’s the one I’ve been tryna get on I been talking to the event coordinator so hopefully this comes through.

Here’s hoping!
Going back to your music who would you say your main influences are?

Definitely Joey and Kendrick and J Cole cause I really started making music a lot like them when I started but my style has drastically changed from what they make. It’s kind of funny because I just like to make whatever I think sounds good in my head. So I can make a song where you can tell artists like Kendrick or Cole are my influences or I can make crazy ass bangers like “king tut” and I don’t think anyone would ever think artists like them are who influenced me.

Having that diversity in your style is always good Fr and I can definitely pick out some of that influence in your style
Do you feel being in Florida has an impact on your music?

Honestly I don’t think so. All my influences originate from far out of state and I feel like regardless of where I lived my style would come together the same way.

I feel you, you see that a lot more now I think cause musicians are coming up on the Internet. Are there any big projects you’re working on just now?

yessir. “King tut” was a single off of it and I have one more comin soon and that’s all i say for now.🤫

Keeping the suspense, I like it.

So first time I heard your music was when you did the “saline drip” video with IHATEPVRPL, what was it like working on that?

It was pretty dope. I met him at an Orlando show back in September around my birthday and he was there recording and taking photos and after my set we chopped it up and he said “saline drip” was dope and all dat. So the weekend after I had another show in Orlando and hired him to be my videographer and when I was down in Orlando again we were like fuck it lets do a video to “saline drip”. So like another week-week and a half later I drove back down to Orlando went down to the hot ass Florida woods and shot the video. The scene in the bathtub was at his apartment and it was really dope he had that idea. We did the whole thing in maybe 3-4 hours and then went and got some ramen noodles after lol. Pvrpl is so crazy with the camera and editing it’s insane. Next Cole Bennett for sure.

I remember seeing the footage from that show damn it looked crazy. Yea pvrp has some serious skills I remember him sending me rough cuts of the after effects stuff he was doing and it was insane. So obviously through pvrp you joined us in XXIX, how exactly did that come about?

He literally just asked one day he was like yo I got this collective called XXIX do you wanna join and I’m like shit why not and I joined haha.

Lmao honestly same when I joined. Switching up a bit I know it’s a tough question but what’s your favourite track you’ve released?

Actually not hard for me but definitely “Rain/Pain” cause at the time I wrote that song I was really deep in my head and kind of had like a fuck you, fuck everyone, fuck everything, and that song is really the only song I feel  ever really really been real as fuck on. That and “bridges” but “Rain/Pain” was just a better song to me.

I get that man, more of an emotional connection to it. Are there any artists right now who you would kill to work with?

Definitely Kendrick or Cole or Joey or even anyone from Beast Coast. So like Flatbush Zombies or the Underachievers. Uzi would be a dope collaboration of course as well.

Bro a Marc x beast coast collab would be insane! What about producers are there any in particular you’d like to work with?

Can I count Kanye as a producer? His skills are god level. So is TM88 he goes crazy too.

Kanye 100% counts that dude is unmatched you’d snap on a ye beat. If you weren’t making music what do you think you’d be doing with your life?

Probably being either a homeless bum or an unhappy corporate slave. really don’t see any other point to life outside of music.

100% dude it’s a life. Looking at your music you definitely don’t seem to be afraid to experiment with different styles, are there any genres outside of rap you’ve considered experimenting with?

Well I’m Haitian and my mom always tells me I should try to get into that kind of music. Like caribbean/dance hall lol so maybe that.

Shit that’d be pretty hard. Looking ahead where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully a household name in the rap game and living happily and peacefully knowing I took care of my family and those around me.

Here’s hoping man. Tell us a little more about the man behind the music, what’s an average day in the life of Marc?

Pretty uneventful for now haha. I try to write lyrics, find beats, or record every single day. Currently enrolled in college so I try to balance all that around school which I hate. If I’m not at school or work or doin music you can catch me on ps4 with the homies usually running apex or smite or something like that.

I feel you, sticking to that music grind, and apex is the wave rn. Do you have any collabs planned atm?

No sir. Just tryna get this project up and running

Good move, focusing one project moves things along pretty good. Let’s talk about recording, is there anything you need to get in the zone for recording?

Yea just make sure it’s quiet as fuck and no one is disturbing me haha. I usually like to record alone to keep my peace of mind

I’m the exact same dude. Are there any local musicians/artists you feel don’t get the recognition they deserve?

Yea there’s a couple of guys I know who make up a group called “The Cool Table” they some pretty dope rappers and a producer. They just started up recently but if it’s anyone it’s them for sure.

Always good to see local talent coming up fr. Next question is tough but if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

“Thank Me Later” by Drake honestly. Hearing songs on there like “Thank Me Now” (all time favorite song by him) and “Fireworks” or “The Resistance”, back in middle school it just put me in a different mind space it was amazing.

Facts dude old school Drake hits different. What about that album in particular draws you to it?

Probably the instrumentals. They’re just so next level to me. Like “Thank Me Later.” Mannnn what a crazy ass instrumental to me. Like you said it just hits different.

Production on it is on point for real. Before we wrap things up do you have any words of wisdom for the people reading? Anything to plug?

Yeaaaaaaa just keep pushing in whatever you wanna do. It might seem impossible it might seem like the world is against you and no one believes in what you wanna do and your vision. But as long as you believe and you keep working towards it. You’ll make it. 100% of the time.

Positive vibes all round, keep an eye out for Marc’s upcoming album here (https://soundcloud.com/marctheprophet) and follow him on twitter @MARCTHEPROPHET_ to keep up to date.