HateSonny is a Chicago artist who is garnering the attention of many with his consistent release of quality music. It is no secret that Chicago births great musicians, with many of the most influential artists in the country hailing from the Windy City. HateSonny has been working hard for the past few years, and his hard work has not been overlooked. One thing that always stands out about his music is his excellent beat choice. His choice of unique beats paired with his outstanding story-telling ability makes for a very fulfilling listening experience.

His 2018 album BAD LUCK tells a mix of stories about life in Chicago, including hits such as “THIRTEEN”, “Loafing”, and “GLO!”, pushing HateSonny’s name into the spotlight. The album as a whole carries a vibe that matches its title very well. However, HateSonny’s luck has taken a turn for the better with his new album GOOD LUCK.

With GOOD LUCK, HateSonny once again displays his impressive versatility. It seems that with every song, something different is pulled out of the vault. Whether it’s a unique flow, a captivating story, or an outstanding beat, every track on the album is something of its own. This album, just like his previous, carries a vibe throughout that assures me that HateSonny’s luck has changed.

With each track’s individuality, I find it hard to give a general overview of the album without writing a whole essay, so I highly encourage you to listen for yourself and enjoy all that GOOD LUCK has to offer.