Washington native Asa sat down with UVC to discuss his recent endeavors, his musical background and much more.

First things first where are you from and how old are you?

I am 20 but I turn 21 may 15, and I was born in Seattle.

Damn about to be the big 21. Tell me about your Seattle experience, what’s it been like there for you?

It’s been awesome, I grew up here w split parents. Mom lived in the central district so I spent most of my time there, and my dad lived in ballard. I went to elementary school in Columbia city but when I was 12 my mom had to get further from my dad so she moved us four hours away to the methow valley in Washington. Close to two years ago I moved back, and since then life has just gotten super crazy. When I first moved back to Seattle I was living at my dads, and met capo through SoundCloud because we fucked w each other’s music. A couple months later by luck I met nez and shame at a shoreline mafia show going on at a house party. Nez and shame ended up spending hella time at my dads place in ballard recording and kicking it after we met. Me and capo recorded japan the first time we met. He actually sold me some tabs then too, and I recorded the song high on acid, hahah. Since the beginning we’ve just gone up and up, it’s so wild.

That’s literally crazy as hell. So growing up was a crazy time for you and before you met the boys what kinds of music did you listen to in your early years?

I went through just about every different phase of music growing up. I always really liked rap, and I remember listening to crank dat the on the bus on the way to elementary. Soulja, missy elliot, lil jon etc defs made an impression on me. When I was in elementary school I also really liked pop punk too, and would listen to jimmy eat world, blink 182, the foo fighters, and even paramore hella. In junior high I got into lcd sound system and mgmt, also Anderson paak and that sort of shit for a while but I was always listening to kid cudi and wiz khalifa and rap thruout too. In high school I got into yung lean, bones, black kray my favorite rapper ever, suicideboys, bladee, lil peep, Chris Travis and the rest of the underground and ive been on the same shit since like 2013. All them pretty much my biggest inspirations too. Also important father figure in my life, casey James is an accomplished musician with a group he was in in the 80s that had a funk single chart on the billboard top 100 called ”livin it up (Friday night)”. he encouraged me to listen to funk and jazz and shit so I got some of that. I actually played the saxophone and drums in the high school jazz band.

So you had an extremely diverse musical upbringing which is sometimes rare I can definitely relate to a lot of those names. At what point did you decide to actually start making music of your own?

I got the demo version of FL and started making beats when I was like 13 because I thought it was cool and started out making straight trash low key haha. By the time I was in junior high I was making beats good enough for me and my friends to just cypher to together and it was always just for fun. I just kept grinding making beats and never tried writing any verses for years, but me and my friends would get together and freestyle on the regular. It wasn’t until the end of my senior year in 2016 that I wrote my first song called “wait” which is still up on my SoundCloud, haha. I made the beat in like half an hour with the intention of trying to write to it and just wrote some shit and hit it right then. I dropped it and my small town high school seemed to really fuck with it so I decided I wanted to try and take it seriously.

That’s always the type of story I like to hear I’m glad you kept it pushing. After your first song when did you decide to things seriously?

Well, when I said I stared to take it seriously I mean that I just started writing songs more. I’m not sure if I even take it seriously now. I just do this shit for fun, because I like it, it’s pretty unreal and super rewarding that people hit me up and tell me that my music has helped them through something, and crazy that people pay me to work with them. It’s super humbling.

Truly amazing. I’m glad you still look at it like that because not a lot of people do. So initially when you met hinoni how old were you at that point and when did you start working on their side of things more?

I was 20 when hinoni started. I was with capo and shame when we made the page initially and dropped the first couple songs. I’ve pretty much been there since day one. We ARE the wave. You gotta be blind if you can’t see it.

Literally making massive moves and not a lot of people know you’re an original member. What are some of your favorite songs you’ve created or been apart of so far?

With hinoni? My favorite material is the stuff we haven’t put out yet.. the unreleased material we’re sitting on is insane. I think overdrive is my favorite hinoni track I’m on that is out right now.

The more you guys release the more you improve for sure. Hinoni aside who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small.

I think me and ppgcasper could make some crazy music, of course I’d love to work with sickboyrari, baby smoove, anyone in drain or sbe but that’s just me dreaming, haha. It would be sick to work with nascar aloe, diveliner, p.h.f. , or slug christ .. one day.

Such fire names there I can see you with any of them that would be so fire huge shoutout to all of them. What are some of your plans for the spring and the rest of 2019?

I’ve been slacking dropping music lately, I have so much I’m sitting on and I’m not putting enough of it out tbh. My plans are to keep putting fire out and get more consistent with my releases. Capo is gonna be gone back to rehab for three months, so we are gonna have to go out and visit him in LA and keep making songs but just know that BIG big things planned for me and the rest of hinoni this year.

That’s gonna be so exciting and I know the community gonna be waiting on that for sure. What’s your musical process at this point? How long does it take you to make a song?

Longest I’ll spend on a beat is like 30 or 40 minutes, usually a lot less. I have worked a lot on streamlining the process. I believe the best material comes really quickly and the same thing goes for writing. I’ll only spend 15 or 20 minutes at most writing a song initially, but I might make some small changes as I go through the recording process. I always find or make the beat and write to it after. Often times recently I’ve been skipping writing anything down and just record two bars at a time just from memory. That can save a lot of time too, and some of my most played songs were recorded that way.

I can definitely relate to that and I know a lot of artists can relate most of the best art is made quickly that’s extremely accurate. You said you aren’t exactly taking music seriously at the moment but do you have any goals or things you wanna accomplish in music?

Of course, I’d love to see how far music can take me, and Im tryna put the work in for sure. A year ago I was dreaming of where I’m at now, and now I’m dreaming even bigger, so I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied. I’m going to keep pushing myself and I don’t see myself quitting for anything, so there’s no ceiling to this shit for me and my gang.

That’s what I like to hear that sky is the limit my friend. Music aside for a moment what keeps you going outside of music? What are you doing when you aren’t creating?

I have an internship at bear creek recording studio in woodinville. They’ve recorded records for the foo fighters, soundgarden, train, the lumineers etc. so I’m learning a bunch about label partnered recording studios and that has been really sick. I get to work with hundreds of thousands of dollars in recording equipment and spend time working with accomplished record producers multiple times a week. Other than that, just working and tryna make it as a struggling artist. It’s fucking expensive living in Seattle. All more motivation to get to the point where I’m headlining shows and making good money from this music shit.

Now that’s something I’ve never heard before that’s actually super productive and I’d do the same thing honestly. I’ve heard WA can be expensive for sure, one of my last questions for you is if you got filthy rich from music what would be the first thing you would do?

Buy real estate somewhere rural, where me and the fam can have everything we need. Invest smart. Buy like a chain and a grill but then chill out.

Nothing better then that honestly. I’d probably do the same honestly and most people are smart to invest Im glad you’d be on that wave. Of course you gotta get iced out too. My last question for you is who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Yung lean, Kodak black, Nirvana, lcd soundsystem, bladee. That’s fuckin hard. That’s not close to all of my favorites but I guess that’s the best I got.

Power list for sure though, I’m glad you stuck Nirvana on there. Before we sign off do you have any last words or shoutouts?

Nah, just follow me and the rest of hinoni so u make sure ur not missin out on the wave!!!! Thanks bro.

Absolutely definitely follow the squad, thank you for your time for this and keep it up.