Midnight Society member Braxton Knight has dropped yet another hit. “Rain World” is a simple yet complex ode to loneliness. The new song produced by Vinso and Dee B gives off an 80’s techno atmosphere. The high pitched synth arpeggios even sounds like something you’d hear in an Atari video game. Switching between high pitched vocals and his usual auto tuned style, the Detroit native broods over losing friends and the hardships of streetlife, along with his common themes of mental health and loneliness. Lines like

To the sky // I cry out // That my pain will erase

gives fans the vivid imagery fans are used to experiencing from his lyrics. Around the 2 minute mark, the song progresses into a new vibe. Braxton grabs a new deeper tone and a slower flow to express his inability to manage his changing emotions. Fans have been debating what “Rain World” is a metaphor for, but Braxton has told us at UVC that “… it’s kinda whatever you make it, a place or a state of mind… Metaphorically to me (it is) the state of when everything is crashing/weighing down on you constantly and you just dwell in it.”

Stream “Rain World” on SoundCloud here.