Arizona’s Simple Yahweh dropped a track in early May, and it excels as a provocative, compelling, and fun track to listen to. I’ve had the courtesy of witnessing this artist grow from tongue-in-cheek, meme style rap to that of increasingly lyrical, darker tracks that show growth and yearning for improvement of the craft, all while being true to his comical roots. In an amalgamated vein resembling that of artists like CurvedSince99 and Wr1st, as well as prominent dark underground artists (any one of em will do), Yahweh has this meek, less than menacing voice, but it is within the passion and imagination imbued within the lyrics of the track that there’s a dark and villainous presence. “Thumper” is an endearing yet vice inducing, deceptively delinquent track.

Producer RO$$ spearheads the wicked song with simple, high pitched and chilling piano patterns, abetted by high pitched strings, and a bolstering 808. Simple Yahweh fills the first verse with an intimidating, bold yet cold, removed vocal delivery. The verse is replete with addiction allusions and braggadocious statements. Several bold exemplary lines reflect this:

Enter the sandman // Enter the tundra // Heart rate jumping like I am Thumper // Coke on the table, that’s for supper // Use me for the drugs we ain’t lovers.

Equipped with a strong, contrastingly deep, hulking voice, Lil Sleepy boasts,

I am blocking // Just like Rocky // I’m on the block // Just like Rocky…

These lines are followed by additional catchy and cheeky bars:

Fuck you // Bitch I’m a stunner / Kawasaki bike and I’m goin for another // I bought all my power from God // I got percy’s for sale at my Momma’s garage

Simple Yahweh and Lil Sleepy paint a picture of something that at its surface is campy and a lil unorthodox. Once this track is peeled back, one will see it is really well crafted. It’s a track rife with potential in its delivery, imagery, and clever wordplay. While in its current iteration it still skirts the line between a happy-go-lucky hobbyist track and an impassioned exercise in lyrics, there are inklings of something simple that can be grown to a complex and compelling mosaic. Run it up.