French producer and rapper Angelus tells us about his costly and lavish life in his newest single “Pay Me.” The self-produced track demonstrates his ability in both trance production and catchy lyrics. The hook of the song is very easy to get stuck in your head and the melodies in the background accompany his delivery perfectly.

Why the fuck you talking shit you don’t know me // Spending racks up everyday, bitch I’m on a spree // Everybody acting fake acting phony // If you ever want smoke bitch pay me

The single is another taste of Angelus’ developing sound and what his debut project #Dolo Mode might have in store for us. I like the song personally because of the aggressive drums countering the mellow and laid back melody. His lyrics and delivery adds to the character of the song even more, helping show how unique Angelus’ sound really is. He’s continuing to make a name for himself in the underground scene and at this rate, it shouldn’t be that much time before him and his sound blow up into the mainstream music scene.

Stream “Pay Me” below.