678moody’s personality shines through on his new, underrated track “Moody’s Intro.” 678moody takes advantage of the skeletal production work of BLAKE$ALE, effortlessly styling over the simple 808 and synth pattern that puts emphasis on the emcee’s vocals. With the recent rise of Triller videos, the “woah” dance, and accompanying drum-only, non-melody beats, rappers have been forced to put their vocal performances at the center of focus. This style is bringing hip-hop back to its roots: flow, delivery, and quotable lyrics.

678moody is a skillful rapper without a doubt, switching between slow rhythms that casually ride the beat and faster double-time flows that get listeners’ heads nodding along to the track. He’s clearly comfortable with his delivery based on his different vocal inflections, making his charisma obvious from the jump. The song as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The strange oscillating synth that BLAKE$ALE employs sounds almost comical in how strange and alien-like it is.

678moody drops an impressive verse without even sounding like he’s trying, and the dark-sounding 808s happen to bring a contrasting lighthearted bounce to the track. All these components come together to form a not-so-serious, carefree heater of a song that’s perfect for riding around being ignorant and having fun this summer. Listen to the track below.