Kentucky native Savage Ga$p recently dropped his long-awaited album, i guess im over it, containing eight songs with various features from shinigami, convolk, guardin, haroinfather, Young Lungs and production by notable producers such as ginseng and 4evr. The album has an A and B side with the first side being “boom boom bass boosted” songs and the second side being “sad and indie for people to cry to” as described by Savage Ga$p himself.

The project starts off strong with an undoubtedly sensational hit. The title track delivers a stellar strike with help by shinigami and convolk and production by ginseng. You can definitely come to the conclusion after hearing this that the recording process must have been incredibly fun and entertaining coming from the trio.

“fine with falling” is an enjoyable one. Filled with an abundance of anime and video game references (a typical trademark of his) from One Punch Man, Death Note, and Donkey Kong. My favorite line would have to be “I’m like Yagami, can’t nobody body me.”

Up-beat tunes “awkward!” and “a poem i wrote for my online gf” both encompass Ga$p’s ill feelings towards a girl that did him wrong while flexing his success at her and to the people who are against him.

Ga$p quickly changes the theme up with the B side, providing a more somber and depressing tone. He did an excellent job of creating those feelings by featuring well-known melancholy musical artist guardin in “tired of being tired.”

“we’re all sad sometimes” proves to be the saddest song on the album with lyrics “i lost you then i lost my mind // just call if i cross your mind // just know that I wish you the best // but if it’s for the best just forget my name… you keep screaming you hate me but you would never hate me like I hate myself” by Ga$p and even more heart-rending lyrics from haroinfather.

The tempo slightly switches up with 4evr’s glimmering beat in “fireflies dancing on my cheek”. Ga$p uses an immense amount of auto tune here producing a more ethereal ambience.

The last song “the best part of me is (was) you” closes off the album in a perfect, dynamic way. Giving me early The 1975 vibes, Young Lungs starts it off with a loving chorus speaking highly of someone and his willingness to sacrifice just about anything for them. Ga$p concludes the album confessing his emotions to somebody, bitterly expressing that he hates that he loves her still.

This album proved that Savage Ga$p knows how to execute a perfect first project. From the features, production, to soul-wrenching lyrics, Ga$p only proves that he’s in this game for forever and isn’t stopping at any hurdles. He clearly takes his craft seriously and we can only expect big things from this up and coming artist.

You can listen to i guess i’m over it on Spotify, Apple Music, and on Savage Ga$p’s soundcloud below.