With his new mixtape, UP NEXT: THE MIXTAPE on the way, Tommy Ice gives his fans a taste of what’s to come, and it looks very promising. Ever since I first heard “Risky” by Tommy Ice and Kevin Kazi, I have been following Tommy Ice closely. Every release has consistently been high quality, which is why his upcoming mixtape has been on my mind since it was announced in early May.

His newest release, “Where I Stand” is a quick track that has immense replay value. Tommy Ice recruited Internet Money’s Multi-Platinum producer, Nick Mira to perfect this two-minute track. Carrying themes of being misunderstood by his peers, as well as his struggles with drug abuse, Tommy once again lets his fans know what he is dealing with in life. The lyrics “I don’t even like pills, they just make it easy”  stand out to me, because they shed light on a different perspective of drug abuse that most artists ignore. For the thousands of outsiders looking into the world of drug abuse through the lyrics of a rapper, popping pills may seem like a glamorous life. In reality, there is a lot negativity that surrounds addiction. Tommy Ice continues to impress me with his charismatic flow and sound, as well as his lyrics that seem genuine in a world full of people who are putting up a front.

Stream “Where I Stand” below.