Dropping in late May, director Sammy Black and editor VIBEGOOD came correct in infusing both nostalgic, upbeat, and whimsical energy into an equally energetic and upbeat, albeit villainous and larger than life track “Disney” by Lil Prada. Short but sweet, the visual is rife with bouncy, quickly panned to, and busy clips of Lil Prada and company flexing in all sorts of mischievous manners. Not to mention, in a way very fitting of the title, we see various shots of Prada mid air a la the George Lopez intro, evoking the nostalgic memory of all the little kids tweaking mid-air in front of a film reel right before Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century comes on. Every frame of this video is an exhilarating depiction of antics that are seamlessly balanced between hard and comically erratic.

As mentioned prior, the visual starts off with us seeing various Lil Pradas and his crew bouncing mid air around the screen, topped off perfectly with the hand drawn Disney logo on the left of the frame. From there the antics get even more amusing; We see Prada on a bike, in a puddle of money, occasionally fur-coat clad, holding liquor bottles, toting a pistol, burning a hundred dollar bill, mobbing around with a mannequin body, casually flaunting a fucking rocket launcher. These are all amplified with the knack for really quick camera pans and the abundance of bodies on screen in a ton of positions. The icing on the cake is the vapid inserts of seemingly random yet tonally accurate footage– such as pornstars and cats… as well as specific graphic inserts and overlays like an animated appendage and water splashing. For the latter, they act as perfect visual aids for lines such as

Had to kick the lean // I felt that shit inside my kidney // Drowning in that pussy // All you niggas turn to swimmers.

This video effectively mirrors the energetic and give-no-fucks attitude of the song, yet at its core is still artistically and structurally sound, as is the track. It’s all the bit amusing for the viewing audience, and the listener, chalk full of quotable bars and laughable images. To not overly complicate the sentiment I’m trying to share, I’ll put it simply; it’s fun as fuck to watch. Go watch this before a fight, or a dick appointment. Go run it up regardless.