mixed matches knows how to make music sound spellbinding. On a phone call with us, he talks about his new EP and his experience being in Neilaworld.

So where are you from and how old are you?

I’m 103 and I’m from Neverland

What made you wanna start doing music?

I heard “Toxic” by Britney Spears when I was in my mother’s womb and was like “Damn this shit kinda hard lowkey,” then I learned how to pirate music and the rest just happened.

When did you actually start making music under mixed matches?

Shit, I don’t know man. Maybe like 3 years ago, but I deleted all that shit so good luck finding it.

I see that you worked with Braxton Knight and Coldhart, how did that come about?

A lot of them are friends for the most part, I just get bored as fuck sometimes and decide to make a beat. I just DM them all like, ‘Hey, you want this beat?’ and they’re like ‘Hell yea.’ Or I’ll just send the shit out if I know the email. It just started with me being bored and deciding to make something not just for myself and not be greedy as fuck for once in my life.

You’re a part of the well-known group Neilaworld. Tell me about how you got to become a part of it.

One day when I was just chilling and minding my own business, fadedblackid (fbk) tweeted out some shit that said “Neilaworld spots are now closed except for mixed matches [and another producer].” I messaged him and was like “Yo are you serious? This is awesome, hell yeah I’m a part of this shit”. He added me to the group chat, and that was it. They’re some of the best friends I’ve ever made coming across the internet. They’re such talented people and a very funny interesting bunch, a band of wolves.

That’s sick. How’s it like being there?

It’s so cool because half of it is bullshitting and the other half is serious work. When it really comes to it though, it’s extremely gratifying. There’s not a weak link in there, everyone is just really about their fucking craft and making sure what they do sounds and looks good. And I really respect that because that’s something that I’ve always wanted to have in my own image in music as well, so it’s something that I really relate to and I’m grateful to have them, they’re fucking sick.

You just dropped a recent EP called i dont know where you are. Tell me about it.

That EP is a part of a 2 half little project thing that I’m still working on but for the most part pretty much finished. The other half is gonna be out after this next release I’m doing with Lukrative.

What was the inspiration behind it?  

Just hella sadness, being sad as fuck *laughs*. I guess just not really taking the best routes with relationships that I wanted and just really reflecting on that. Apparently I’m a guy that likes to fucking burn bridges, so this was just me going into my chamber of reflection (fuck that song by the way) and really just getting down to it and wanting to make something dark. The second half is supposed to be a lot brighter and have a much happier and optimistic sound.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Sean Kingston.

What was the recording process of it like?

I just locked myself in a room and sometimes make a beat. I start with something skeletal. I panic a little bit sometimes, but from anguish comes something good or absolute tragedy and I just think “Let’s just hope it falls into place.” One of the collab songs was made with kellbender and we actually started working on that when we went to California.

How would you describe your style? It’s very celestial sounding.

You ever heard of the band Beach House? Like that but you’re on a lot more narcotics than you’d wish for. Then you slather a bunch of autotune on it, put some good reverb on that shit and insert lyrics that are kinda cryptic, usually sad and vague, but imagine having all that coming out from a 14 year old who never got out of his phase of playing Sonic Adventure 2 for GameCube.

Has making music helped with your mental health and in life?

FUCK NO *laughter*. It helps sometimes but it’s stressful as fuck some other times but it’s exactly what I wanted so, c’est la vie. It’s a positive and negative stressor. You know the metaphor of the donkey with a carrot in front of it’s head and a pitchfork or a boot behind it in order to kick it to go forward? Sometimes depending on the day it’s either the carrot or the boot, I don’t really choose.

How do you calm down then from all that stress?

Dog food… I’m playing. I don’t like that shit. I guess just engaging in dumb pop culture, and somehow in this loop of engagement, I’ll find a song which makes me think of another song which in turn will make me think of a song I like or is an influence to me and then I’ll listen to that. Then it’s time to get in gear and make a song.

What’s a good thing that’s come out of all this in your opinion?

I guess people telling me my music helps them sleep and makes them happy, that’s the goal with all this I suppose.

What are your influences?

I like the original theme song for Code Geass a lot.

Who would you wanna collab with in the future?

Ryan Reynolds. If I actually were to be serious and pick someone, probably Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine if he’s not dead by the time he even finds out about me or wants to collab with me.

What’s your overall goal with everything?

Making this music thing would be the overall goal. It’’ll be nice to just sit in your room and making music and stressing myself out even more just making perfect art.

What’s something you like to do besides music?

Violently sob and probably just watch a lot of YouTube videos and skateboard whenever I have the time. And also running if I ever have the time and be a healthy human being for once and not a degenerate loser shut in.

Who are some people you listen to?

I hate Tyler the Creator’s new album with a fucking passion, but I guess… honestly I listen to a lot of Sonic Youth. Also a band called Suicide, they’re really cool. I listen to Young Nudy, and love Playboi Carti. A bunch of indie bands that I still listen to this day, specifically one of my favorites that I kinda had to rediscover; it’s this guy called How to Dress Well.

What are your hopes and dreams?

“Canis Major contains Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, known as the ‘dog star’. It is bright because of its proximity to the Solar System. In contrast, the other bright stars of the constellation are stars of great distance and high luminosity.” Jokes, I don’t have any hopes and dreams, I’m just living for the moment. No future, no past.

What’s any advice for anybody going through a hard time?

Give up *laughter* just joking. My advice for anybody going through something hard is who the fuck cares? Think about how small you are in this universe, and all of your fucking problems. Think of our inevitable demise as a species. Now Think of all the problems you have again, none of that fucking matters right? Once you stop caring is when you start having some fun, and once you start having some fun is when you start being happy. Today is the first day of your life, so lighten up squirt.

Any shout outs?

Huge shout out to Neilaworld, shout out to members of The Red Mirror, members of Keyworld, especially ric, and really anyone that’s worked with me. Shout out mom and pop, little brother, my friends that I FaceTime and play video games with in order to unwind, and big shout out to myself for still being here you’re doing good man I’m proud of you.

As a last thought/note?

Believe in yourself, and if you fucking don’t, I will you fucking dummy.

You can listen to mixed matches’ new EP ready for the world below.

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