Guitar beats are undoubtedly popular these days and can be found anywhere from the mainstream to the underground. Catalogues from artists such as Gunna, Drippin So Pretty, and Roddy Ricch all have songs that feature this type of production. As with most trends, numerous shoddy versions of this type of music have popped up, leading to a consensus among audiences that a lot of these songs lack heart. Nowadays anyone can think up some unimpressive (but in-tune) melodies, grab an emo rap or Gunna type beat from Youtube, throw on some autotune, and contribute to the trash pile of uninspired Soundcloud rap songs that no one is going to care about a few days from now.

Melvoni does feature a guitar in his song “To The Top,” but he takes center-stage with a smooth voice that harmonizes beautifully with the sad guitar melody in the background. Perhaps the genius of T-Pain’s early autotune anthems that many artists fail to understand is the fact that T-Pain can actually sing well. Really well. The autotune can be considered a stylistic choice; an add-on to an already good sounding vocal performance. Melvoni has no shortage of singing talent and his use of autotune is simply a nice flair added to his impressive performance.

At just 15, he is up there with top mainstream artists in terms of coming up with melodies that sound good enough to grab listeners. Coming up with melodies is one thing, but coming up with melodies that have replay value is another. “To The Top” sounds like a polished radio single without lacking heart. He might not have the lyrics to back it up, but Melvoni’s delivery alone matches the melancholy guitar strings in terms of emotion, conveying a certain desperateness to make it “To The Top.” Listen to the song below.