Neilaworld member Madara TBH recently dropped his first EP titled MADARAWORLD. The 8 song project brings a lot to the table and even features notable native Atlanta artists Keshore and Tommy Ice. With each song, he sings about various topics with different sounds, but one thing’s for certain; dreams and demons are the central theme.

The EP begins with “HURT”, containing a celestial twinkling beat backed with nice recurring distorted bass drops. He’s hurting over seeing somebody’s face and hopes not to crash and burn over talking again since it’s been awhile. This song can easily become a song for anybody to relate to and resonate with.

The second song is titled “Dead”. With faint guitar strums in the beginning, it brings an emotional ambient sound, then quickly switches up to an up-tempo beat. Madara efficiently tops the song off with catchy lyrics to make the song a memorable one from the album.
“I just drink so much shit got me dead // can’t get all these demons out my head // too much of these thoughts all in my head // i just wanna think of you instead // but when you leave I can never rest” shapes this to be an unforgettable tune.

The next song is “Mood”. He changes his style up a little here, starting the song off with incredibly high pitches. It slowly progresses into a more mellow and slowed out flow. This song isn’t particularly romantic as the others, he’s mostly talking about people getting mad at him over pure jealousy of him getting money and being successful.

“Dreams” seems to encompass the central theme of the whole EP. Madara starts it off with the lines “demons in my mind // angels tell me lies // so i cant trust a soul, no not even mine… even in my dreams you’re still on my mind”. Despite it being the shortest song on the project, it speaks volumes.

It immediately changes to a more up tempo song named “Forever”, where he repeatedly sings about a girl that he wants to stay with him forever. The next song “Another One” starts off with the famous Neilaworld tag, announcing that it’s going to be a good one. The demon theme can be seen once again in this song.

“All these drugs all in my veins oh woah // all these demons all in my brain won’t go… Why you always lie to me // why you gotta lie to me // I thought you was the one for me, turns out you just another one”

The last 2 songs features the two other artists. “3am” features Keshore. It stands out the most due to the chill and slow R&B type beat accompanied with a ticking clock in the background. It provides a nice sensual feeling for the listener. Keshore comes in towards the middle, somberly singing about a girl he can’t escape in his dreams. The last song “i8” is a strong finish for the whole EP. One of the most popular underground artists in Atlanta, Tommy Ice, appears here. It’s a dreamy beat filled with chimes and 808’s, proving to be one of my favorites from the whole project.

For this being his first EP drop, Madara does an excellent job in keeping the listener’s ears content and for dropping a memorable one. He proves to us with this EP that he takes his craft very seriously and has us stoked to hear what he has coming in the future. Madara TBH is a name you’ll for sure see everywhere soon.

You can take a listen to the project on Spotify and here on SoundCloud: