The cover art already screams dark, high octane, and chaotic, boasting vibrant purples, a pair of neon lips, and a gritty finish. The track itself is not a single step in a different direction, being all parts fast, grimy, and viciously spit. Salem Riin dropped “Out Of Touch” on May 16th, the roughly 2 minute track boasting incredibly well vocalized yet villainous and braggadocious bars that are fascinating and frankly exciting to have cross your ears.

Producer Iankon fills the bulk of the instrumentals with fast paced drums and daunting low noted piano keys. In conjunction with the deep 808s, the production all the more adds to the atmosphere of the track that allows Salem to bounce seamlessly on the beat with her punch-y flow, as well as contrasts with the seemingly higher pitch of her voice. As a whole, the instrumentals work as this very well crafted pedestal from which Salem stands atop to rap; in a theatrical sense Iankon’s beat is the image as a whole but Salem’s vocals accompanying the beat is what makes this track feel three dimensional.

Salem’s voice registers often throughout the track as almost a soft yet stark hiss, while at other times exhibiting the inviting tone of a pop singer, but the aggressive delivery acts as a greatly compelling foil that adds an additional scathing element to Salem’s arsenal, one that’s primarily equipped with bleak and biting lyrics:

Don’t look at me funny cause you know I keep that pump // Jump rope with your organs ‘cause you know that it is fun // Fuck a perc 10 // I need me a 30 // And no I’m not your guy // I think you should watch your wording… I’m not calling back ‘cause we talked enough…I need to stay focused ‘cause this shit has just begun

This track paints Salem as a force that can’t be thwarted, and with utilizing chilling instrumentals yet a voice that warrants a visceral body high that is then edged by fierce and brazen lyrics, it succeeds doubly in cementing Salem as a vocalist with high heights to reach and more bold and ferocious proclamations to make. As a listener, you are both assaulted yet coddled to the lyrics and sound of the track, respectively, and it keeps you on your toes, acting as this almost sonic thriller. Run it up.