Lil Ways delivers his third song to his “Katana Shawty” series, Katana Shawty III. This emotional banger is produced by the same producer of the first two, Bolurin Ojofeitimi, also known as SwaggyB. The beat keeps a hard yet slow pace followed by spacey vocals by Ways. Ways clearly expresses a feeling of heartbreak and regret while the beat keeps a steady background to support his lyrics. The airy vocals throughout the song is just one of the many things that Ways put in this song for expressing emotions.

The more spaced out and futuristic Ways makes his vocals, the more you can hear the emotion in the tone of his voice. This song is a great one to put in your playlists because you can listen to it over and over and still feel like you’re experiencing it for the first time. Ways struck gold with this three-part series, and the SwaggyB instrumental accompanies the vocals perfectly.