Mad Squablz is a 22 year old Philly rapper who is reminding Gen Z that lyricism doesn’t have to be “boring.” In this day and age, a hard fact is that most music is a hybrid of different styles, and sometimes the “lazy” rappers get more recognition than the wordsmiths. However, Mad Squablz seems to be the exception. Gradually gaining traction from reposts and podcasts such as the “Nadameen Godcast” his talent is not going unrecognized.

Mad Squablz does plenty of remixes to current hits, along with that he also creates originals which are always highly praised by his fans and social media following. Squablz keeps a dedicated hold to raps roots but also is emotionally conscious, rapping about his mental health among other themes. The artist has even gotten a co-sign from rap legend Lord Jamar, which any rap fan would know, is not an easy feat.

Not only is he a rapper, but he is an all-around vocal artist, displaying some notable skills on his track “Lamps”. In addition to a singer and rapper, he also dabbles in production. After winning an UMA award and becoming a face of underground boom-bap, it is obvious he isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. His hard-hitting lyrics might be too “old school” for some listeners, but real musicheads can truly appreciate both the talent and his obvious dedication to the craft. Mad Squablz “Be Humble (Humble Remix)” is a popular choice for a reason. Using a crazy drill flow, he murders the original. If you’re looking for an original work of his, “My Souls Reparations” is a conscious and thought-provoking banger with lyrics like

They even made us more reliant on a piece of paper // Reach the paper just to give it back to the ones who keep enslaving
Mad Squablz is a fresh twist on rap that’s still enjoyable to oldheads and the younger generation alike. He is proof that conscious rap still exists, and is thriving! Stream his latest album Lamps here.