Recently, 2kthagoon released what a hard hitting track entitled, “Whatever I Want.” I’m not sure if it’s the catchy lyrics, Lifted’s captivating production, or how 2kthagoon’s flow mirrors the beat so well that makes this song a hit so I will assume that it’s all three. Right from the start, 2k lets us know that he’s living life his own way and does not require anyones approval. The message within his lyrics is something that a lot of artists and people in general can get behind which is another reason I say this track is a hit. In a world where nearly everyone has to abide by someone else’s rules, the idea of doing and getting what you want when you want it feels like a dream.

With his charismatic flow and lyrics that fit the beat better than your favorite pair of pants fit, 2kthagoon released the perfect song to put  into your summer playlist. Check out his impressive discography for even more hits.