ZelooperZ may not need an introduction for followers of the underground who kept up with Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade collective in the past couple of years. For those who don’t know, ZelooperZ is a rapper blessed with a solid voice to begin with, but he takes things to another level by manipulating and contorting his voice in all kinds of ways, reaching strange pitches that may take a couple of listens to get used to. A first-time listener may be left wondering, “Is this trash, or is this fire?”, before deciding a couple minutes later, “Yeah this is definitely good.”

This Detroit talent just released a stylish visual for his track, “JayJay-Z” that throws its own modern twist over a lowkey, boom-bap-influenced production. The song starts off with an airy, slightly static-y sample backed by a simple kick-and-snare drum pattern before immediately diving into crisp, modern-sounding 808s. ZelooperZ starts off normal-enough, casually dancing around on a corner on the street as he spits bars like any other rapper would. The longer the track goes on for however, the weirder and more animated his voice turns, taking on his signature whiny delivery and naturally flowing into a different, lower-pitched vocal style. He garnishes the simple kick-and-snare drum pattern with quick triplet flows that speed up, then slow back down into basic rhythms that ride the beat. If there’s one thing ZelooperZ brings to the table, it’s variety. The way he controls his voice makes it sound like there’s three different rappers on this single song, and he refuses to stick with the same flow for more than few seconds to keep listeners on their toes. Watch the music video below.