This three song EP features two Dreoh produced tracks, “doubled up” and “press” followed by a frxstbite produced track titled, “walked off.” The EP as a whole does a great job of holding together a ominous sound and vibe that is perfect for lurking around at night.

Dreoh experiments with many flows, this EP is a great example of the young artists’ versatility. Although he is a newer artist on the scene, Dreoh has quickly grabbed the attention and respect of many in the underground. “Vineyards” is an excellent display of Dreoh’s progress as an artist.

As he makes clear on the first track of the EP, ”doubled up” Dreoh is hungry for more racks and more success. This attitude is one that his music consistently gives off. On his second track, “press” he recognizes how his young age allows him to be overlooked by some but that does not bother him, nor stop his progress.

Started off young so they gon’ overlook me // Give it a month, the promoters gon’ book me

Lyrics like this stand out and sum up this song greatly.

His impressive start in the underground has gained a lot of momentum and I truly believe Dreoh will have a lasting career in music. He makes songs that I wish were twice as long, because his captivating sound and persona make me want more. With the non-stop work and progress that Dreoh puts in, he will continue to turn heads.