Producer-vocalists are a special breed. Che Ecru is one you should get familiar with, and what better way to do so than to dive into his most recent work? In the past month alone, he’s released an entire project’s worth of material, track-by-track, each recognizable by Che’s crisp vocals and self-produced beats that straddle the line between R&B and hip-hop. “Do Not Disturb”, his latest work, is a great starting point.

This track features a 2000s-R&B-style guitar riff that’s reminiscent of Usher’s Confessions, punctuated by plug-beat-type 808s with modern hip-hop hi-hats and claps. The slow, reverb-ed-out intro is a pleasant beginning that teases Che Ecru’s airy vocals throughout. Soon enough, the hi-hats come in and Che quits beating around the bush, getting straight to a beautiful vocal performance that shows off his impressive range. His airy, confident delivery is front-and-center as he croons about coping with lost love.

In this song, Che has isolated himself, going crazy behind doors as he waits for a response from his (ex) girl. Idle hands are the Devil’s playground, and he can’t help but look back in retrospect at what went wrong, blaming himself for things he wasn’t at fault for and crowding his mind with negative thoughts. The song sounds like a tragic distress call in rosy tints. This is fitting; often times we reminisce on failed relationships in a bittersweet light, feeling the warmth that once was there but at the same time aching over how things went wrong. Che Ecru captures this feeling perfectly, singing in what sounds like a pained expression over contradictorily upbeat production. Che somehow manages to turn his pain into a head-nodding hit.

Popular R&B artists of our generation definitely have some competition to watch out for. Che Ecru’s double-threat status as both a talented producer and amazing vocalist has him poised for a bright future. Check out “Do Not Disturb” below.