Following a long hiatus and rumors of passing away, the enigmatic 2seat is back and better than ever. The 0d collective’s head honcho recently was off the map for several months with rumors floating around about his death, and a majority of his old songs either found deleted or unavailable. A few weeks ago, his arrival back on the scene was assisted by fellow artist 808louie on “siko,” a murky, well-crafted single. However, long-time followers of 2seat are all-too-familiar with his sporadic way of maneuvering, often changing names, ditching old social media accounts to start again from the ground up, and randomly removing songs from streaming platforms. Although many were glad that the talented vocalist/producer had not disappeared permanently, it wasn’t certain if he would stick around for long.

2seat’s latest single, “type beat [2∞]”, may be a welcomed sign that he is ready to come back into the spotlight. 2seat glides over cloudy, drugged-out production from Level in this track, striking with his signature high-pitched, autotune-drenched vocals. Once again, he somehow finds the perfect pockets in drum patterns that give his songs tons of replay value.

2seat doesn’t try to show off his singing range. He doesn’t try to show how fast or how intricately he can rap. On rare occasions, fans can observe that he is well-capable of these things, but the main event listeners can expect from “type beat” and the rest of 2seat’s catalog is finesse and style; 2seat’s robotically nonchalant vocals ooze a certain confidence and coolness that can’t easily be reproduced by just anyone.

One under-appreciated skill that members of the 0d collective employ can be found in this track: the bass smacks so hard that it’s almost deafening, yet the vocals and the rest of the beat are somehow perfectly clear. 2seat may seem like he pumps out hits effortlessly, but from the vocal performance to the beat selection to the mixing and mastering job, his style is actually well-crafted down to the very last detail. Take a listen to this mesmerizing single by 2seat below.