Ginseng is a name you see all over the place on and off SoundCloud. He has produced some of the hottest tracks is the past few years for artists such as Night Lovell, Lil Tracy, Boofboiicy, Thouxanbanfauni, and the list goes on. Now, the producer superstar gives us a little taste of what he is about when he sits down with UVC for this interview.

First off for the few people that don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

I’m an artist/producer that goes by the name of Ginseng. I make different types of music but primarily, I produce beats.

Ok so how did your music career start?

In terms of music in general, I actually learned how to play guitar and piano at a young age. Since music has been a big part of my life, I decided to start making my own for fun; I downloaded a DAW and just started messing around until I actually became somewhat good.

Did you watch any tutorials? Or was it something where you just learned what sounded good and went with it?

Overall, it was just a matter of learning by ear. Tutorials helped when I didn’t know how to do a certain or specific action within the daw, but a lot of my time was spent experimenting and figuring out what sounded good to me personally.

What were your influences for when you just started making music? Also what are some of your influences currently?

When I was starting out, all of the bigger name underground producers at the time were influences for sure. Misogi, Fifty Grand, etc. Currently, I’m inspired a lot by newer producers and what kind of sounds they bring to the table. There’s a lot of unique shit going on with the newer producers that I’ve heard.

Who are some of the new producers you have appreciation for?

At the moment I fuck with Kiddie2k, Vvspurpp, Xz, and a few more. I don’t think they’re new producers or anything, but they’re definitely newer in comparison to a lot of producers that have been around for a minute.

How has your sound evolved over the years?

I’d say it’s evolved a lot, and for the better. I used to make airy trap with tons of reverb, a lot of sample based music, etc. but nowadays I feel like I can make anything I want to. My sound now is something I’m way more proud of.

everything you release always sounds extremely refined. How important do you feel mixing is to the beat making and the song making process?

I feel like it’s super important. A lot of producers nowadays overlook the mixing of a beat; often times I’ll hear beats where the 808s are too loud, certain sounds are mixed like shit, etc. If that’s what you’re going for then it’s all good, but at a certain point you have to really take mixing into consideration in order to have beats that hit harder.

I completely agree. Now I want to jump subjects a little bit. I’ve seen you finally released some music with your group The Red Mirror. Your release with Craig Xen was a great track from you guys. Can you give us a little more on what the group is about and how you guys formed?

The group consists of me, Fifty, Hellion, Kellbender, Yosef, and Prxz. We’re a very close knit and exclusive group that formed a few years ago. In terms of future releases, we have a ton of content planned. We don’t like to say too much about what we’re doing, so we’ll let the action speak for itself!

You are also in other collectives like D1, Keyworld, Neilaworld as well. How did all of those come about joining/forming them? Also what’s it like having the ability to collaborate with some many different artists whenever you want?

Each collective was a different story, but overall it’s because I know people from each group. It’s sick because it allows me to collaborate with a lot more people like you said.

So how did you being in projects like Night Lovell’s GoodNight Lovell and various tracks from Lil Tracy come about?

Very true. For Lovell’s project, he just told me the vision he had for it. It was pretty specific so I had to make him beat packs that catered to the exact sound, but it all ended up coming together. For Lil Tracy, I just asked on Twitter what his beat email was and someone sent it to me. From there, I sent him beats and 10 Racks was made. I just kept sending him beats and more songs ended up being made.

Out of all the collaborations you’ve done with other artists, who is your favorite and why?

I’d honestly have to say either Lovell or Tracy as of now. They’ve been some of my favorite artists for the longest minute, so being able to even work with them is still crazy to me.

Outside of people you’ve working with, are there any artists you wanna do work with that you haven’t? Who would be your top 3?

I’d say my top three at the moment are Carti, Uzi, and Gotit at the moment. Definitely some of my favorite artists right now, especially Gotit.

Are there any projects that you are working on at this moment?

Right now, I’m working on stacking a bunch of songs for Lil Wintr, which is the name I rap under. My band Dream, Ivory also has an album that we plan to release in the summer or so. Sooner or later, I want to start a project under Ginseng as well; I still want to continue to produce for various artists but I want to start focusing on myself again.

I’m super excited for all your work from all outlets. As we’re wrapping things up, is there anything that not many people know about you that you want to get out there?

Thank you so much. To keep it short, I just want to make it a point that I don’t really box myself in to just one sound music wise. People think I’m just a producer for rap artists, but there’s more to my music than you might think.

I agree with you completely. Speciall when talking about Dream, Ivory! Do you wanna give any shoutouts?

S/o to all my close friends and supporters, they know who they are.

Here is a link to the latest work that Ginseng has put out under his rap alias Lil Wintr.