Reminiscing on their early days, Despair and Marcelo are back together to bring us a new hit with “Numb”. This song features production from the Hollow Squad member along with vocals from Despair. While the two have drifted away in style from their earlier days, the two still make an excellent pair.

The thing about this song I think makes it so good are how the vocals are presented from Despair. His vocals in this track lack a lot of autotune and presets which are heavily used in today’s sound. Instead, we get a real raw and grimy feeling to them. Everything about them seems surreal and not something just about made up to show make a song. Using that raw and surreal sound,  he speaks on his feelings and how loneliness is catching up to him.

I can’t, another day of this shit // Money is coming in but that shit is meaningless // Everyday is so fuckin lonely man, life is bitch

While we do get lyrics like this in the underground quite often, the feelings conveyed through his voice are unlike most. Another thing I want to add is that his flow on this song doesn’t follow your normal 4/4 flow. It staggers here and there, really showing the hurt and realism of his voice.

The production on this is as stellar as you might think from someone of Hollow Squad. The song starts out with a somewhat a spacey melody, giving a floaty feeling to it. Really adding to that surreal sensation I was talking about earlier. The drums come in shortly and give a real nice bounce to the track. 808s aren’t too loud on this track either making you have to listen in closely for them.

Despair isn’t your conventional artist. He doesn’t stay in one genre of the underground making plugnb or horrorcore. He jumps around and shows his versatility through his discography. He tells us stories with his tracks and makes his emotions the central piece in them so we can connect better with him as an artist. From his vocalized songs to his production it’s all there. He is a force to be reckoned with. Check out “Numb” down below and tell us what you think.