Beginning with a very airy yet compact sound, “kindred souls / skyfall” by Atlanta native Gamo are two unique songs combined into one. With both songs involving beautiful guitars and a heavy kick, his unique and airy voice comes to life even more than usual. Both songs bring out his unique sound and demonstrates only a small amount of what he is capable of.

In the first half of this track (“kindred souls”), he speaks emotionally about the lack of real friends in his life, relationships, and the burden of missing someone you care for so dearly. His word choice and delivery rides perfectly over the beat in a very intriguing fashion which can very easily keep a listener interested in the track. The entire feel of the track comes together as a whole with the light yet heavy kicks comforting both the guitar and Gamo’s vocals.

Late night, it was cold, I was bruised, it was bad // I ain’t have no friends, and she really think I was mad

In the brief, yet aggressive second part of this song (“skyfall”), Gamo’s entire vibe and energy switches up very, very quickly. With hard hitting 808s, kick, and a unique guitar melody, Gamo’s fast yet controlled delivery brings the whole track together. Touching on how to keep a girl out of his life due to her toxicity and her negative impact on him, Gamo quickly yet sternly states that he wants nothing to do with her.

Gotta stay in line / Gotta move with caution // Gotta keep you out mind like faces in the faucet / Girl you toxic // I’m feeling toxic, you made me nauseous

Gamo’s “kindred souls / skyfall” is truly a demonstration of his talent and what he has to offer in the underground scene. Both songs relay his emotions and what he is going through with love, friends, and life as a whole, showing how complex he is as a person. All of this makes for an amazing song and hopefully an amazing introduction to who Gamo is.