The phrase “you’re either with me or against me” comes to mind while listening to this Sixzin produced track. Ynd fuego and Flacko444 go back and forth for over four minutes discussing two themes. The first being that they have been living fast and dangerous, and the second being how they feel about lames, fake shit and anyone they don’t fuck with. One verse that best describes the second theme is ynd fuego’s verse:

I know they hatin my shine but they aint never gon’ get me// And if you ain’t fuck wit the flame I guess that mean you against me// I see you rollin wit some lames but they ain’t never gon’ wreck me// And if you ever showed me love I know you’ll never regret me

This track goes on longer than a lot of what you hear in the underground but does a great job of keeping the listener entertained with smooth transitions and and a variety of flows. Ynd fuego’s unique sound makes his music memorable well worth the listens. Check out the track down below.