After a short hiatus, Atlanta producer and vocalist Roland brings us another hit with “Wings of Wax,” exhibiting his signature blend of heavenly, floaty melodies and hip-hop. The past couple of months have been exciting for this fresh face in the underground as he’s been steadily racking up co-signs and building off of the success of his largest song to date, “When I Dream.” This latest track goes to show that Roland has not gotten complacent at all. Instead, he has opted to keep going full-force with consistently boundary-pushing music.

Press play, and you’ll immediately notice the angelic melodies of his production and vocal work. Listen a little closer, and you’ll find that these aspects of his music contrast with thumpy drum patterns and a slightly rough, distorted mix, giving the track a classic rap twist. One way to describe “Wings of Wax,” and many of Roland’s other songs, is that it sounds like hip-hop that isn’t hip-hop. Similar to other alternative rap artists such as Kid Cudi, Roland refuses to cage his music and limit it to a certain genre or subgenre that has been done before; his originality shines through in this aspect.

The lyrics reference the story of Icarus; in Greek mythology, Icarus escaped to freedom by flying away with wings made of wax. He enjoyed it thoroughly, ignoring his father’s advice to fly lower and stay mindful of how close he flew to the Sun. Icarus was so overcome with wonder and joy while flying that he mindlessly flew too high, melting away his wings in the sunlight and falling to his death.

The chorus that Roland crafts compares the high points of his life to Icarus’ (short-but-sweet) flight through the sky. Will it last? Is it real? Does it even matter if this is the most alive you’ve ever felt in your life? Does it even matter if you’ve finally felt what it’s like to get away from everything and everyone trying to hold you down? The answers to these questions vary from person to person, but Roland isn’t concerned with the consequences here. All that matters is right here, right now, and the beautiful escape that he paints in the 3 minutes that this track runs for. Take a step back from the negativity in your life and stream “Wings of Wax” below.