Harvest is one of the few mysterious figures in the underground music sphere who is slowly walking towards a legendary status without having much of a buzz around his name. At the humble age of 19, the Australian producer has worked with Bones, OmenXIII, Lil Lotus, Gizmo, VELVETEARS, fats’e, and many other great artists. He has been creating masterpieces since early 2016 and yet his SoundCloud page is just now hitting 5000 followers. Although the young artist has remained in the shadows, Harvest undoubtedly stands out with a more experimental sound and his ambient vocal pieces of work shoot you out into a meditative state. Although Harvest is a producer first, he has been gaining confidence singing on top of his instrumentals and this is easily noticed in his brand new debut album subtle fold.

I sat down with Harvest for a video call at noon which, respectively, was around 8pm in Phillip Island, Australia. This small island closely located at the southern edge of Melbourne is where the journey of Seamus (ˈʃeːməs), Harvest’s real name of Irish origin, began. Not surprisingly, he got accustomed to the surfing culture of the area. “Basically, surfing and music is all I do. Here [on Phillip Island], you kind of have to surf but I usually say I live in Melbourne cause it’s easier and more people know it.” And when it comes to music, it was in fact his father that inspired Harvest’s passion for it. “My dad makes a lot of music himself, he has always been a musician. He plays blues guitar, piano, and sings as well.” His father, however, mainly enjoys the genres of stoner and doom metal which is quite far from Seamus’ musical endeavors. The true catalyst of Harvest’s journey turns out to be another Australian producer, the one-of-a-kind vowl. As a very good friend of Seamus, vowl convinced him to start making music late 2015.


Harvest’s sound itself has interesting inspirational points that would perhaps remind you of some TeamSesh members. Seamus incorporates a lot of the dark SoundCloud rap style into his own while simultaneously bringing experimental electro and ambient music. Indeed, Harvest’s uniqueness seems to stem from the development of a complex relationship between electronic and trap elements and merging them into an extremely ambient and intimate experience. Seamus admits that Bones is perhaps his favourite artist but among his top ones are also names such as Tim Hecker, James Blake, Brian Emo, and Grouper. His biggest dream in music was to eventually produce for Bones and that dream actually came to fruition with the eerie track “NightShift”, and later on again with “VeganLeather”. “NightShift is probably the favourite song I have produced. It’s not my best beat but it’s very special. I started crying when I heard it for the first time. As soon as that happened I almost lost motivation because I had done everything I wanted to do.”

Fortunately, he hadn’t done everything he wanted to. His second goal was to create a full length album by himself and indeed very recently on May 4th the 12-track Album subtle fold was released. “This album is just my life experiences; each song is about something that has happened to me… The first song “your heart is where this started” is about my girlfriend and how, through all this doubt, I will still love her and will always want to fall asleep next to her at night.” It is as if with every time you hit play on a track from subtle fold, it is an act of subtly unfolding another chapter from Harvest’s life journal. Even the fully instrumental songs with no vocals can lead you to a trail of the very same thoughts and emotions that echo throughout the whole project.

With all this in mind, you may be surprised that Seamus is not actively pursuing a music career. As a 2nd year university student majoring in philosophy and history, Harvest sees “music as something I do on the side; my goal is to become a teacher. I don’t see music becoming more than a hobby. I am too inconsistent at it to go anywhere.” Despite that, Harvest says he will never stop being a part of the music scene even it simply remains a hobby for him. As we currently speak, he is working on an ambient trap project with this one artist who cannot be named yet. One thing remains certain: Harvest remains a hidden fountain of beauty for many; but once found, it flows through you forever.