San Antonio rapper .223Jerm teams up with 83HADES AND MAXXKII for an absolute killer track that brings wilding out to another level.

From the jump, we get an idea of how this single is going to go, with Yung Glizzy’s production work filling up listeners’ headspace with a loud distorted bass pattern and not much else; the first vocals we hear are high-energy adlibs that hype us up, sprinkled with straight up growls that sound animalistic and violent. This track is ignorant to the core, but that’s not to say that the rappers on it aren’t skilled. Each vocalist comes with flows that complement Yung Glizzy’s drums perfectly, and each bring their own vocal style to the table. .223Jerm offers a classic hyped-up vocal performance to warm us up, shouting out punchlines as he talks about his weapons stash and record of violence. His threats are convincing as they match up with his textured, rough voice that appears to be full of anger and distaste for his adversaries. .223Jerm clearly holds his own on this track and sounds menacing all the way through.

83HADES has a deeper, smoother voice that he employs to give off a more relaxed vibe that contrasts .223Jerm’s more in-your-face energy. But at the same time he still keeps the song going as his verse is punctuated with adlibs that are shouted out even louder than before. This time, the emphasis is more on flexing and showing off than violence and destruction. 83HADES sounds like he’s not too concerned with attacking on the front lines, instead calling out lames who “swaggerjack” and painting his life as successful and filled with popping price tags like it’s nothing.

Just when we thought this track couldn’t get any better, the beat stops and is bass-boosted so loud that it almost hurts (in a good way). MAXXKII jumps in, going so hard on his verse that it sounds like he’s ready to pull a vocal chord at any moment. Talking about how he’ll “rip your eye out of your socket” and telling us about how “now these rappers is some dead guys”, MAXXKII takes the previous energy from the song and amps it two or three notches, throwing even more distortion on his voice. The subject matter is similar to that of .223Jerm’s verse, but even more violent. Instead of talking about his guns and weapons, he just tells you about what crazy things he’s going to do with them.

If you want to go crazy at the next show you’re at, check out .223Jerm, 83HADES, and MAXXKII on this Yung Glizzy-produced track and try to catch them in person. “Hood Smoke” is a great tasting platter for listeners to get familiar with each rapper’s merits, and it can be said without a doubt that any of them would make the crowd go insane in-person. Listen to the track below.