Having dropped some weeks ago, as a supplement to a project previously reviewed on UVC, the timeless and deceptively warm vocaled Slator Blacc has dropped a visual for the track “Midnight”, courtesy of KB (@kayxbryant). KB, with Slator as the centerpiece from which it all unfolds, puts great emphasis on exhibiting familiar and personable environments throughout the video. Slator jumps from location to location, all either well lit by fluorescent street lamps or incredibly warmly graded tungsten overhead lights from the city, and speaks directly to the audience as he belts out lyrics.

    The video begins with Slator presumably in a shrink’s office, frustratingly dismissing the professional before exiting given he cannot get sound advice for the feeling of someone following him. Slator is then seen by his lonely, for the most part, as he traverses through humble locales scattered about the nighttime backdrop of Phoenix’s city, including a Circle K, the light-rail, and dimly lit alleyways. Throughout the duration of the visual, Slator is seen drinking from a paper bag and at times, with a figure following behind him.

    KB’s visual direction and style is minimalistic save for some slight edits and very well shot images of the city from which Slator is shrouded in throughout the video, such as him taking a window seat in the light-rail as he looks at the camera, him sitting at a bench drinking from the bottle as the tram zooms by, or him meandering in the Circle K. While not visually extravagant as can be the norm for a plethora of visuals in the underground, KB’s reserved take is refreshing and, I cannot emphasize it enough, cozy in a way as it paints Slator as very human and connected to the audience. The sight of convenience store lights at night and the bright lit green street signs of the city have this nostalgic and homely feel which is captured incredibly well despite it being the only visual draw of the video. Coupled with the simple visual storyline of Slator being followed by a hooded a figure interspersed with shots of him getting progressively faded as he drinks from the sack, makes for interesting juxtaposition as this inviting and cozy theme, is interrupted from something seemingly menacing, made even worse by the fact that it’s never clear whether it’s real or not. The crux of the plot stems from the hook;

Midnight midnight midnight, late nights fuck me up, Scotty beam me up, cuz these thoughts fuck me up

The lonesome shots of Slator around the city late at night, the bottle, the figure, and the shrink scene of the beginning of the visual encapsulate this one line graciously. Not only is this a good exercise in simplicity yet bold visual storytelling, but the track alone is great cause for attention with or without a visual. Run it up.