GeekHead is a producer who’s been responsible for production behind songs by BIGBABYGUCCI and Summrsxo, and he’s collaborated with well-known producers in the underground such as XanGang and Vision4k. This rising talent has been carving out a lane of his own with his high-energy, unique production, and we sat down with him to learn a little more about his life and his music.

So for those who are new to you and your music, introduce yourself and give a little background on your life!

I’m GeekHead, and I’m from Michigan. I’ve lived in most of the major cities but right now I’m in Mount Pleasant. I’ve always been interested in music, played numerous instruments and all of that in school. I used to rap but it wasn’t my thing so in 2018 I started making beats and taking it seriously. At first, I was ass but I started sending out beats to artists and eventually got a song with BBY GOYARD. That was the first artist I produced for and the start of everything.

That’s what’s up, you said you weren’t that good at first but obviously you got better. How has your process for making music evolved?

At first I was just making whatever, and watching tutorials and stuff like that, but as I worked with more producers and artists in the past year I’ve learned a lot of tricks I use on almost every beat , and I also refined my sound so I’m really making Geekhead type beats every time even though I sometimes still have to label them as a “so and so” type beat.

It’s cool that you developed your own style like that. What’s your favorite beat that you’ve made and why?

Probably the beat for “Brand New” by BIGBABYGUCCI with Vision4k. We made it early 2018 and we both had like 500 followers on twitter at the time and it helped both of us get noticed.

What was it like working with them? And in your experience who have been your favorite artists to work with?

Vision and Gucci are both cool but I haven’t met either in person yet, still my favorite Artist to work with is definitely BIGBABYGUCCI because he’s creative as hell and can do numerous genres. You never know how he’s gonna rap on any specific beat.

Yeah he’s super versatile and switches it up a lot. Really talented guy. What are you up to these days outside of music? What’s a day in the life of GeekHead?

Outside of music I try to keep to myself and my inner circle, me and my girl have our own house, just stay low key to keep distractions away from me. That’s how I’ve been getting so much done lately.

That’s respectable, just keeping your head down and grinding. Who are your influences? In music, life, however you want to say it.

Music wise… 808 mafia, pluggz, xangang, and YSL are big influences to me. I started listening to rap at 8 years old, I listened to old Gucci Mane, Jeezy, eminem and stuff like that. Once I found SoundCloud at 14 or 15 it was a wrap though. At that time I was big on raider klan and SHWB.

That’s dope you were tapped into the underground SoundCloud scene like that. Can you tell me more about FOREVER WORLD?

It’s a collective BIGBABYGUCCI and a few other started. gucci asked me one day last year if i wanted to be apart of it as a producer and it’s been a good fit for me. everybody in it is talented and we’ve all got a lot of music on the way.

Who else is in it?

BIGBABYGUCCI, Austin Skinner, 30ROCK, DJ EbonyMane, Linus, Dirty Sosa, Afterhrs, Unathletic, Trademark, Eli Blvck and more. Reelbump, Nipz, Lamar Styles; include them.

That lineup sounds pretty stacked.


Can you tell me the meaning behind your name? You do a lot of drugs and get geeked or not really?

Good question lmao. I kinda just came up with the name and thought it sounded good once I started getting better at making beats, my drug days are basically over though. I still smoke weed I’m just not trapping or tweakin out on drugs anymore lol.

Haha that’s good to hear. Definitely gives you more time to focus on music/other things.

For sure.

Alright, before we wrap this up is there anything you want to say or anyone you want to shout out?

Go check out my SoundCloud I’ve got brand new music on there, and Jakesand just dropped a song by Summrs that we produced as well. Go check out his page for that.