Rappers Pardonbranco and YNB201 continue to prove that the New Jersey music scene is thriving and on an upward trend with their new song “Rewind” produced by Loubangga.

This track comes on strong as Loubangga’s production immediately lets off thumpy, fast-paced 808s to supplement a woozy, eerie melody. After a couple (name-fitting) rewinds of the initial beat loop, YNB201 rattles off a series of braggadocious triplet flows before transitioning into a different, louder delivery. The beat disappears at just the right times to complement YNB201’s flow, emphasizing the contrast between his normally nonchalant flow and his more aggressive vocals. Afterwards, YNB goes right back into a lower energy, I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-anything delivery and keeps shooting out quick triplet flows that ride the 808s perfectly, showing off his versatility and vocal control. Not only can he employ his wide singing range on his other songs to hit higher notes that may be difficult for vocalists, but also he can hold his own on rap songs like this one and keep things interesting by finding his pocket and switching his voice up.

Pardonbranco’s verse follows, and he brings up the energy a notch with his more animated delivery, while still keeping up the same head-nodding, fast, triplet rhythms that YNB brought in the beginning. Once again, the beat drops out to put the spotlight on the rapper’s vocals, and Pardonbranco takes the chance to change into a bouncier stop-and-start flow that sounds like it could start up a mosh-pit if performed live. This short-lived, but powerful change of pace in Pardonbranco’s flow provides some variety so that the rappers aren’t just using the same rhythms over and over. When he finishes his verse, producer Loubangga’s work gets a chance to shine as they let the beat ride out until it fades away. Short but sweet, this track is replay-worthy and is sure to keep us coming back.

Listen to “Rewind” below.