Donavon was one of the artists in our previous spotlight of KanyeToThe’s Creative Showcase section artists. He recently followed up his successful single with another hit called “Bad,” this time going for a more commercial sound but still sporting the same groovy tone and exhibiting the same silky-yet-textured vocals that he did on his last song. The difference is, this time, that we get a far more polished-sounding product than before.

The accompanying video definitely has more production value than the previous one, but let’s take a look at the most important part: the music. The song immediately begins with thumping kicks to accompany a very funky bassline, before Donavon’s smooth voice cries out the beginning of a catchy hook that juxtaposes the type of women in his life, and describes his relationships with them:

I lost a good girl doing bad shit / And found some good love with a bad bitch

The rest of the song has Donavon singing about his dedication to, his (almost) crazy love for, and his good and bad experiences with certain women he’s had relationships with. The lyrics are a bit all over the place, but the general idea we get is that this is a song about both the positive and negative sides of love, and how messy and intertwined things can get when nothing’s ever black-and-white in real life. Someone you love and want to spend time with can make you despise them and want to pull away from them at the same time. Donavon sings some lines that play into this idea of pushing and pulling in a potentially toxic relationship:

We fight and fuck on the daily / You either love or you hate me / You looking good when you blame me

The song ends with a hazy bridge where Donavon’s adlibs pulse in and out with a delay effect and the reverb is turned up on the vocals, painting a dreamy soundscape that transitions into an outro where the original bassline comes back in and brings things back, before leaving us with silence and light echoes. This song somehow feels like it asks to be replayed again after it ends — maybe it’s the relatively short track length or the way it was structured, but either way, let Donavon’s “Bad” into your rotation. It’s a choice you won’t regret.