Rappers Don Quez and Lil Daddex released a colorful visual for their bay-area-inspired track, “TIM,” full of self-assured, carefree confidence.

Don Quez starts on the track, riding the skeletal, bass-heavy bounce of the production as he tells listeners not to waste his time with meaningless things and treat his time like money. Monotone, yet slightly commanding, Don Quez’s voice gives off an attitude that says he’s above the bullshit and in control. His memorable verse flows into a catchy hook that sounds like an anthem for hustlers and people trying to grind with what little time they have on their hands:

Please don’t hit my line unless you got something for me / Please don’t waste my time, tell me what you want from me / I don’t wanna talk, bitch my time is money / So if you waste that Imma have you refund me

Lil Daddex comes in after Don Quez and switches things up, still sporting a lower-energy flow to match the production, but bringing a more carefree side to the song. If Don Quez is the serious, more jaded top dog or boss then Lil Daddex is the more talkative, less serious counterpart to that. The two complement each other well on the track and the message is something simple to live by but easy-to-digest. Producers Ofasho and James Delgado do well on the backdrop to this song and crafted a playful but slightly sinister bassline that sounds like it came straight out of the bay. Definitely bump this song the next time you’re driving around with friends; it sounds like it belongs blasting out of the speakers of muscle cars on the way to a sideshow in Oakland. Watch the music video for “TIM” below.