0d member Blxckhxrt recently dropped off this highlight from his group tape with the CR4$H collective, snarling aggressively over bouncy, eerie production.

Assisted by fellow CR4$H members RIPDEVAN and EIGREKO, Blxckhxrt once again shows that he’s at his best over hard-hitting, distorted bass, as his rough vocals pierce through the air and rattle off threatening lyrics. The dark production provided by EIGREKO fits perfectly with Blxckhxrt’s animal-like, predatory energy, painting a character who isn’t afraid to step to you if you talk down on him, but is holding back from going completely crazy for the moment. RIPDEVAN comes in right after Blxckhxrt’s verse, bringing a contrasting yet fitting ambience with his more carefree voice. The two synergize well as Blxckhxrt sounds like he’s the more grounded and serious one while RIPDEVAN is the wilder partner-in-crime who doesn’t hold back and has higher energy. Check out the track below.