Up and coming musician/fashion designer Samurai offered insights into his art as well as his love of basketball in a new UVC exclusive interview.

First of all let everyone know who you are and what you do.

Samurai, BADSIDESAMURAI, & Spicysamurai. I go by all of those names! I am a recording artist & fashion designer.

Let’s start by talking about the music, how did you get started with that?

Started with a ton of listening and observing of music mainly because my surroundings. Eventually began freestyling with friends, then later began recording songs with the SoundCloud recorder about 8 years ago lol.

I began taking music serious about 5 years ago at 16.

Were there any particular artists that inspired you when you got started?

Really I was inspired by speaker knockerz, yung lean, chief keef & soulja boy.

Solid list I can definitely pick up some of their influence in your stuff.

Switching up a little tell me a bit about your fashion design, how did that start?

With fashion I began about 5 years ago. I started off with tye dye and selling throughout high school under the brand called “illusion”.  Now I sell custom shows, cut&sewn garments, and jewelry all under “Retaliation” brand.

What inspired you to work with fashion? Any particular brands/designers.

Really with fashion, I just stumbled into it. People wanted to buy the clothes I made for myself off of me, so I began designing. Right now the brands that inspire me are Prada, and Vetements.

That’s crazy you being that influential just off what you were making for yourself.

Do you find there’s a lot of crossover with your design and your music?

Yeah, Most of the people I record with buy my clothes and I use them to model. I work on the two at the same time really, sew in the morning and record at night!

Are there any major projects your working on at the moment? Whether it be with music or fashion.

At the moment I am set to release a collection under “retaliation” called Dissect. This release will be insane. It’s a mixture of my dyeing techniques with cut & sew as well of different 1 of 1 items dissected and put together. With music, I plan to drop a couple new songs every two weeks really, the main thing to look out for is new music videos!

Looking forward to seeing what comes out. Tell us more about the videos.

My persona besides Instagram is almost a mystery, so I have music video plans under construction. Will be shooting a video for “I don’t believe anything you say” and videos to more trap songs I haven’t released , so people can really understand my life and where I’m coming from musically.

Any plans on who will be shooting/directing?

I will be directing for the most part! But I will have Angel Studios by my brother Isaiah for shooting & editing.

Fire it’s always good to have your own vision come through!

Switching up a bit how do you get in the zone for being creative? Whether it’s recording or designing.

To get in the zone I just chill, smoke , and begin brainstorming. I have to have other people creating around me as well. Plus I tend to make better work in the nighttime.

I feel that, being around other creatives can help ideas flow.

Focusing on the music, are there any dream collabs you can think of? Artists you’d kill to work with.

Id love to work with future, thug, and more artists from Kansas City, Detroit, & the Bay Area.

That’d be fire I could see your styles working together well.

In 5 years time where do you see your career being?

In five years I see me being very successful! I’ve been working for so long and started to see tremendous changes already in 2019. Therefore, I imagine that in five years my clothing line will fully reach its target audience and grow outstanding. With music I see people catching on quickly as well.

For sure the way you’re going already I don’t doubt it!

Are you planning any live shows at the moment?

Thanks! Not at the moment, I hate doing shows right now really. But in the summer I bet I’ll appear in a few!

Fair enough dude I’ll keep my eyes open for any announcements.

With your music are there any producers you really want to work with?

Right now I just want to work with my main producers I’ve been sticking with for years. In the long run I’d love to work with zaytoven, Harry fraud, mike will made it, and white armour.

Would definitely be sick to hear you on some of those guys tracks.

Are there any major designers, brands or even musicians you would be interested in releasing a collab collection with?

Very soon I will be releasing a collab tape with isaiahiloveu, but for now that’s it until I put out my first album. As far as designers, lately I haven’t looked to collaborate but If people contact to work I would love to for sure.

Fire, look forward to listening.

If you weren’t doing what you do now what kind of work do you think you’d be involved in?

I’d be in college playing basketball. I’ve played competitively for over 6 years, and I just love sports overall.

Fr? That’d be cool as hell.

Do you feel where you’re at location wise influences the music you make?

I do to an extent, but really I make all kinds of music. But while I lived in Kc people had already said my music sounded Atlanta inspired.

It’s good having a wide variety, Atlanta’s impact on music is so big there’s hints of its influence in almost everything now.

This question is kinda tough but what would you say is your favourite track you’ve made so far?

I’d say Diamonds Gotta Pee!

That’s one of my favorites of yours for sure, kinda has old Tracy vibes.

What sets it apart in your eyes from the rest of your work?

I’d say the beat and the way i recorded the song. Really I just think the song is very different but slaps. I feel like if more people heard it it’d be bigger

It goes hard for sure.

Anything in the works atm with similar vibes?

Hell na but I wish, that song and Spice Drip and more older songs were produced by the cinco back in Kansas City but I haven’t heard much from him. Definitely one of the hardest underground producers

I’ll need to check more of his stuff. Another tough question, if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Damn haha, that’s crazy. I’d say D&G by Drain Gang, or this old future tape FBG the album. But then again my favorite album is 808s & Heartbreaks so I don’t know really.

Solid choices. What about them stands out for you?

Just the different usages of the auto tune wave over time. Plus all the emotions and memories attached to me from hearing the albums back then.

That’s a damn good reason. Before we wrap things up is there anything you want to plug? Any words of wisdom for the people reading?

Check me out on SoundCloud for sure!