Dell Soda is a producer who was responsible for XXXTENTACION’s song “Floor 555”, but digging deeper you’ll find that this artist has a massive discography spanning 73 albums. His works range across multiple genres, at times being so experimental that they don’t even fall into traditional categories. We spoke with this young talent and got some insight on his life.

Really nice to have you, first off do you want to introduce yourself in one or two sentences?

I’m Dell Soda, I love to make music (not only beats haha). I’m from Venezuela and I’m 18 years old.

Great. How did you get into making music?

My father, he was a DJ for 37 years. And he was a producer for some years (like 2000-2004) but different music.

So he taught you the basics?


That’s pretty cool. Do you guys make music together?


So I noticed you always talk about how great Spaceghostpurrp’s music is. How has he influenced your work and how have other artists influenced you?

Sgp is a legend, he influenced my dark sound, my other influence is Yung Beef a Spanish rapper. Kid Cudi influenced a lot on myself too. Dean Blunt and old R&B music.

Do people in Venezuela listen to those types of music or are you one of the few?

Yeah there’s a few people that listen to this types of music here.

What’s it like living in Venezuela? It sounds hectic out there from what I hear.

Terrible tbh, there’s not light, food is expensive as fuck, and the internet is fucked up, and it’s hard to work or make money here. I’m going to move out there in a few months I guess.

That sounds really rough. How do you manage to release such a large catalogue of music even with these challenges?

It will sound like something cliché, but if we talk about music nothing can stop me. Even when I was very sick with Hepatitis, I was still making music. It’s not about money, it’s about the passion you feel for music. I have a hard life here, but music is what keeps me away from depression and anxiety. Since I reflect these things in most of my projects, and even though I still have problems with alcohol, I try to stay firm and overcome the difficulties. I make my own shit, even if people would like it or no.

That makes sense. A lot of your work is pretty polarizing and experimental. How was working with XXXTENTACION? It seems like he follows a similar mindset.

Yeah, I identify a lot with him tbh. He was a humble person too, very grateful. I was supposed to make more songs with him. And Shout out to John Cunningham, I’m very grateful to him too.

Why shout out to John Cunningham?

He helped me a lot with the royalties, and that stuff.

I see. What’s your process for making music? I’m curious especially because it can get so experimental at times.

I like to hear the Half Life 2 soundtrack if I’m searching inspiration and Dean Blunt’s music. Or the ideas just came to my mind. I like to play with samples a lot, and if you listen so some of my tracks it sounds different sometimes.

For new listeners, what project from your discography do you recommend starting with?

Love this question, Ghost’s n Nothing if you are searching a different experience. Myself and Self-Hate if you want to fight with anxiety or depression, King Noise Control Heroine if you are searching Memphis Rap on Steroids, and Cybergothpunkracelord if you are searching a weird but dope experience.

Awesome. You previously mentioned your relationship with alcohol abuse. Would you elaborate more on that? Do alcohol and drugs influence your music positively or make it worse?

I don’t do drugs, I tried some of them but I don’t like it tbh. Alcohol is my lane, and I think It can influence my music positively with alcohol in some way…

For example, “Spend Da Night” and “Before I Let You Go” was made when I was drunk as fuck. And the edit of Kanye’s “Heartless” and “Welcome to Heartbreak.” If I’m drunk I only can make that type of music.

I see. What artists are you working with right now and in the future?

Right now. Mancen, Lord Vza, Maxxkii, and other people.
In the future? Kid Cudi, Yung Beef, Dean Blunt, SpaceGhostPurrp, Denzel Curry and Young Thug.

That’s a pretty diverse group. But it’s great that you have the skills/talent to work with all kinds of people.

Exactly, thank you so much!

Alright, before we finish this interview is there anything you’d like to say?

Shout out to Whitefolks, i love y’all. And thank you for doing this interview.

You can listen to Dell Soda’s latest project, ALL THIS DARKNESS ON ME I CAN’T FEEL MY SOUL below.