Social media pages are digital business cards. It’s how creators and consumers keep track of the ever-changing landscapes of music, fashion, e-sports, and more. Jake from SIXCELL recently adjusted his personal Twitter bio to read, “designer”. This is after stating he was not a designer for over five months. Whether this was an ironic jab at the fashion industry or a true self-assessment, it’s clear he means business. His recent efforts to contribute something larger-than-life to the world of streetwear are proving true. Between switching colleges and finding a new manufacturer for his merchandise, Jake gives us an inside look at the world of SIXCELL.

You’re from Bakersfield, California. You currently live in Santa Barbara, California. The cultural and geographical landscapes of these cities are vastly different from other parts of the United States. How have these cities influenced your artistry?

Neither of these places are really fashion oriented. mostly everything ive taken inspiration from ive seen online or in music videos or something. while i was in high school i noticed a pattern of people that were all too similar and after high school i tried my hardest to branch out from that and kind of be different from them and do my own thing. im not from a place like LA or NYC so i dont really have much love for my hometown because its nothing interesting lmao.

You can hear Sir Michael Rocks rap, “Six cell phones on my waist and a 2-way…” on his 2014 record Drug Dealer. You mentioned in an interview with 108Mics this is how you coined your name. You also said Bladee mentions this phrase in a song as well. I found other uses of the phrase in songs from artists OJ Da Juiceman, Jeezy, Kevin Gates and in two different songs with Quavo. Where do you think you would be without music?

Yo! That’s fire i love oj da juiceman lmaoo. i didnt know they all referenced six cellphones but thats fye. Without music i definitely wouldn’t be doing what im doing. Hip hop culture always interested me while i was growing up and it still does to this day. ive seen some of my favorite clothes/sneakers for the first time in music videos etc. Especially now sense the fashion and hip hop culture are almost intertwined as one i feel like its a perfect time for me to pay my respects to the greats and make some cool shit!

You apparently have a plug at Fucking Awesome. Can you explain this process to people who may not know how streetwear hookups work?



Sixcell sound is basically a radio station (SoundCloud page) I made for my brand. Since music plays a huge role in my life i kinda wanted to incorporate it with the brand and share some music from some of my friends. Its similar to OVO radio or even like when pusha t was makin playcloths n he was givin out CDs wit orders and allat. I always thought that whole idea was cool so i tried to incorporate that to my brand.

Where do you see SIXCELL in five years? On a geographical level I’m guessing you’ll relocate the brand to L.A. but I can see you living in a place like Tokyo for a while.

In 5 years my dream is just to be able to live off the brand and be able to put all my effort into it. Even tho i have a love hate relationship with LA i will probably end up staying over there and maybe having a warehouse or a store. Another goal in 5 years is to make a skate team and a few skate videos and sixcell mixtapes. I also want to venture out into furniture (rugs, chairs, etc)  I have a lot of shit planned out in my head so lets hope i make it so i can do all this shit lol.

Have you explored the idea of cut and sew customs in your upcoming collections?

100%! I got some secret things in the works right now. as far as future drops go i def wanna get into more cut n sewn items and even some shoes.

Why do you create?

I know its kinda a cliche answer but i love having an outlet for myself. I also love seeing people wearing my clothes. The fact that there are people over the world wearing my shit makes me overjoyed and im forever thankful for that. The feeling is so surreal to me and im happy i can make shit that people fw.

Do you see yourself making a media outlet for SIXCELL?

Other than skate videos and mixtapes i cant really think of anything else id do outside of clothing with sixcell. Although i have been wanting to make some type of book (mag/lookbook).

What is the underground clothing industry missing these days?

Honestly i cant really think of anything in general. There are tons of dudes out there rn killin it and im super proud to be a part of this culture. Theres not many brands out rn tho that are like how ice cream was in its prime. It was a brand endorsed by musicians and they made skate videos, clothes etc. Im def trying to go for that type of brand. Skateboard p and everything hes done/did with ice cream bbc is suuuper inspirational to me.

What advice do you have for people who want to do what you do? How do you get started?

I would say start off by practicing designing things or having a friend that can design for you. Flesh ur ideas out and try not to bite other brands. Money wise just save a bit of money and find a local shop. After making a bit of product networking is the biggest key. Its not ab what u know its ab who u know.

How do you produce your clothing? Why did you choose this method over other processes?

I was lucky enough to find a manufacturer in chicago that is great at what he does. i choose this method over doing it myself for quality sake. in the future tho id like to make everything personally.

Months before the official name SIXCELL had been selected, you sent a streetwear company mockups in an internship application. The brand released merchandise with your designs on them a few days later. Is there a ‘proper’ way to act after events like this happen? How do you grow from situations like this one?

At the end of the day no one really knows if it was a coincidence or not but i’m forever grateful for that experience because it pushed me to create my own shit. If some sort of stealing is to happen the best thing is to message them and try to get it taken down or pursue other actions if they don’t oblige. The shit i would probably do though is call them out onna tl and then message them LMAO. In my case it was easy to grow from it because it had shown that there was people with bigger brands that are actually interested in what im doing. That gave me a fat boost of self confidence

How do you organize SIXCELL clothing drops?

Basically i wanna do something like supreme but instead of weekly its monthly. I want to have different collections for the year. S/S F/W etc and then sometimes ill have some random drops for just a shirt or something in between. Its best to keep your eyes on the sixcell twitter.

Jake’s quick rise to underground stardom is backed by his quality design rips and openness on his personal Twitter page. His wild humor holds nothing back and attracts a different type of potential supporter. Many streetwear brands attempt to conceal the raw, uncut parts of their brands, and Jake embraces the epitome of Twitter comedy. His informal language and unconventional interactions hit people differently than brands without a genuine message. It means something to own and wear a piece of SIXCELL clothing. The buyer is a part of a movement. Being oneself is one of the most challenging factors for online personalities today.