Underground veteran Kold-Blooded sat down with UVC to discuss his recent endeavors and the legendary story that got him where he is today.

First things first, where are you from and how old are you?

I’m originally from downtown Los Angeles, but I moved a lot through the valley and eventually finished HS in Las Vegas and I’m in my early 30’s.

That’s certainly a crazy movement at such a young age, tell me about your times growing up out west, what were your early years like?

My father was a successful guitar player. Gold records, world tours, all that shit, but by the time I was about 4 or 5, bad contracts and other drama had made it so it was just me and my mother in fucked up, low cost apartments. Right away, music was my escape and I began memorizing every song I could before eventually writing my own songs at age 11. I ran with an older crowd, and eventually I got arrested and expelled, resulting in me being sent to Vegas with my grandparents. From there, I just stayed to myself, stayed out of the streets as much as I could, smoked a lot of weed, and built my music and video game collections.

See that’s what’s extremely inspirational to me, I’m glad you  kept to yourself and what you believed in. At what point did you decide to take music seriously?

Well, in short, my friends and I all wanted to be just like Eazy E and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Getting fucked up on our block, selling drugs, mostly weed, and make hard ass music. To this day, I still think they are the most influential rap group ever imo. From there, all my focus went into trying to tell my own stories and when I went to Vegas it was all I had. At some point I stopped trying to be someone else and by high school, I was already making a name for myself. One thing to point out a lot of this was before the internet/mp3/streaming wave, this is still what I’d like to call the “demo tape days”

That’s really so sentimental and inspirational, before we continue on did you notice a huge difference between california and las vegas? What were the changes like for you and how did it affect your music? What were some of the differences early on you can remember?

Well I was trying to glorify a “thug” image early on, but once that became cliche’, I really wanted to put my own twist on things. So even then I wanted to somehow mix anime/video game references in Rap, but back then it was considered nerdy, geeky, etc etc. I wanted overcome this by still keeping that dark sound , but staying true to the subject matter and myself overall. California is beautiful and gigantic. Vegas is like a huge mall in the desert. The biggest difference is the energy and the people. There’s no place like California, Vegas is just an illusion and gets old quick.

I think for sure you overcame that and you did a great job in doing so. You paved and opened many doors that are still wide open to this very day. What are some of your favorite songs you’ve made or released so far?

Thank you for that. I still have the tendency to think I’m completely unknown and haven’t made enough of a mark yet, but my supporters remind me everyday that I am doing exactly what I want to in life. Fav songs, well, I hate my own shit tbh. Lol Everything I’ve made in the last 2 years has def showed some progression, and that I’m proud of, but I def want to push myself harder. If I had to choose, I’d say “Mutilated” because that song means a lot to me for many reasons. “Nothing 2 Lose” because I worked with one of my childhood idols. And more recently, “Wicked Heart” because I feel like I’m making music exactly how it sounds in my head now, I used to struggle with this.

I had definitely noticed as I went through your library there was such amazing progression in how you went about your craft. So after you started taking everything seriously when did you learn about the underground? Who were some of the first artist you collabed with?

Well, I have been in this game along time. My collection is HUGE. So I’ve always kept my ear to what I think is “the best” at the moment. So being a fan of BTNH and 3-6 Mafia I stumbled upon artists like: T-Rock, JGRXXN, Odd Future, SpaceghostPurrp, and the list goes on and on. OF and Raider Klan (and A$AP) had that sound. They took it back, because a lot of folks was going the  Dubstep route mainstream wise. Searching for their music led me to SoundCloud and that’s where things got interesting, I was on the verge of quitting music in 2012.

You definitely got into the goldmine and caching your name on songs is extremely interesting to this day because there is so many a majority of people completely are unaware of, before we continue on what made you want to quit in 2012?

I was in a group for years, and when it fell apart due to creative differences, I felt spent. None of the mainstream music inspired me anymore. Raider Klan, specifically Xavier Wulf, gave me a second wind. I never released my music, I thought it sucked. I thought “if you were really good you would have made somewhere by now” But here are tons of new artists, making the best music I’ve ever heard, from their rooms?!? So as soon as they started coming to the west coast, I had to meet these young legends who reminded me so much of my early influences. It was there I was inspired to release my music, network more and everything just started going in a direction I could feel comfortable with, This led me to working with some of the greatest artists doing it now, and also led me to meeting JGRXXN, in which we formed SCHEMAPOSSE IN 2014, and that’s when shit got REAL.

A picture of Kold-Blooded with fellow SCHEMAPOSSE member Mr. Sisco.

So you definitely made some traction after 2012 but when did SCEHMAPOSSE come about? How did you eventually become apart of the legendary story?

I was always there. JGRXXN originally wanted to start a movement, with Rozz Dyliams, called SCHEMABOYSS. He then made posts to social media asking WHO DOES MUSIC AND WANTS TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE? Since we had already worked together, I met up with them and he told me “I’m trying to find all the Underdogs, they’re the hungriest.” J continued to recruit some members and by the end of 2014/2015, SCHEMA was ready to start dropping. By the 3rd tape, I made my first SCHEMA appearance on “Breakin Loose” But behind the scenes, I worked EXTREMELY hard with the gfx designers, promotion, Social media, etc etc, to make sure we were all on the same page.

So in 2014/2015 who was officially in schema at that point? What was the peak points in the few like for you? I can definitely relate to your position.

Well, 45+ members…. Which was TOO BIG So there were definitely waves.

I can definitely see why you would say that, who were some prominent members when you were around? Do you have any favorite memories that come to mind when you think of Schema at its peak?

Each wave brought in something new and basically gauged the work ethic of those who were there from before. Genius.com and Urban Dictionary list most of us, but we listened to what J wanted to do and his first initial move was to push GHOSTEMANE, he was getting the most attention, because he sound like a mix of Wulf and Bones. Not to mention he also sounded like the then up and coming $uicideboy$. Let’s keep it real, at some point we share a lot of the same fans, so things moved on from there.

What was it like working with the likes of Ghoste and Peep so early on in their career?

Everything was a learning experience. We released “6 N The Morning” and by then we had the more solid members always dropping heat. J, Ghostemane, DJKillaC, DJJT, GLokey, NEM, Mr. Sisco, Ayoza NV, Lil Woofy Woof, Diggy D, DJ Insane, Warden Buffett, Weez, not to mention all the producers Boz, SmokedoutOG, JoshEatn (Gvllow), etc etc etc. We then starting expanding, we brought in Craig Xen who in turn brought Lil Peep with him. THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING, because we finally had someone who could SING, other than not having a consistent female artist, we really did cover all sides of good music.

You guys genuinely had a well oiled crew and that’s gotta be so inspiring to think about. At what point did you see things fall apart and start moving in other directions?

So J right away wanted to start touring with Ghostemane, Peep and Xen and open the doors for the rest of us as we kept dropping work (this would have also included Wavy Jones, Mr. Sisco, Boz and JoshEatn as well. I won’t lie to you or the public and say we were “working” closely together, but we all had the same goals at one point, or at least that’s what I thought. Members would leave, some would be mad at those that stayed. Some felt unappreciated. Others simply just felt out of the loop due to distance.

Peep brought his own growing fan base and the public’s eyes shifted, At this time J did a tour with $B, Black Smurf and Ramirez, called “Grayscale.” It was here when SCHEMA members would start doing their first live performances with J during his set, and by 2016, we started the first of many “Schema” shows, with J, Ghoste and Peep as the headliners. I’ll let JGRXXN tell everyone the details when he’s ready, but let’s just say we could see the changes that money and popularity brings, but I don’t blame the artists, I blame all the people who they surrounded themselves by.

Many forget that Lil Peep and Ghostemane got their starts with the SCHEMAPOSSE collective.

Honestly, only a few rare members of the underground community will remember that because that was truly a revolutionary time. I think it was an amazing era. On a more positive note, what are some of your favorite memories of schema before you continued your own career?

My favorite things were when we all just had that feeling like “we’re doing what we love to do now, J was right!!” And the shows. seeing all the Schema fans finally get to see us was great. Having all this talent in one place was amazing. It inspired me more, because although I wasn’t as popular, I felt like I was finally running with like minded people who wanted to make dope music. So I just kept working with Schema , and especially my brother Mr. Sisco, he’s supported me before and after all of this.

That honestly warms my heart a lot and I’m glad those came to mind for you. When you started to get on your solo career were you a bit nervous about everything? Or did you just keep pushing? Shoutout Mr. Sisco by the way he’s an absolute UVC alumnus.

Yes and no. I technically have always been a solo artist. I just genuinely like working with people. At this point though, I knew I had to get out there, so I started doing more shows. Schema never broke up. We did go on a hiatus for almost 2 years, but this was mainly so we could all focus on our own projects. So that’s what I did.

That’s a really good word and I think a lot people need to know that aside from the regular artists. So before we continue on who does schema consist of now? Also what are your plans and the collective’s plans for the spring & rest of 2019?

I just just kept dropping , and somehow started getting booked at the same shows as my close friends JGRXXN and OmenXIII, which led the 3 of us to combine forces and initiate the Doubt Me Now tour, which we have successfully done Nationwide, 3 times now since late 2017. I think this is where the public finally got to see who I am. I appreciate each and every person who was involved in all 3 iterations so far and especially everyone who attended, it has changed my life. I am currently in the process of a new album “Wicked Heart”, and 2 new tapes “King Barragan” prod by Mitsudomoe and “As Real As It Gets” prod by Mr Sisco. Schema dropped an EP last October, and we have currently been working on the album. I am excited about that.

I think that’s exactly where the turning point was for you and I’m glad you kept it going positively through these few years and I know everyone is gonna be eyeing your new sounds. Outside of your normal collabs who are some artists you would like to work with?

I want to work with a wide range of sounds. Off top I’d say, Saphir, Fifty Grand, Ramirez and Kamiyada+, but other than that I really want to do EPs with a lot of producers. Schema currently has most of the original lineup, newer producers such as Imperial and Natsu Fuji joined and we’re still working closely with Seed Of 6ix, who were always their own separate entity, but also original Schema members as well.

Any one of those could be absolutely so powerful, who are some of your favorite producers to work with?

Hands down, Mr. Sisco. He produced damn near all my favorite underground songs and still hits me with my fav type of beats to this day. Other than that, I have a huge drop right here, because producers don’t get enough credit. But: Rellim, Big Lo$, Purpdogg, ThatsCreep, Natsu Fuji, Raisi K, Geekey, JGRXXN, Rozz, DJ Smokey, any producer from SESH, Baker, Sam Gohard, NVTVS,  DJ Yung Vamp, nobody, JvstX, Black Falcon, Buddah Jones, DJKillaC, I’ve been name dropping a lot but it’s only because I don’t think people realize how connected everything is. I’m tired of people acting like they did it all by themselves.

That’s an amazing lineup of underground hitters that not a lot of people would know about. I definitely agree with you. What are some things you like and dislike about the underground scene?

I like that we are the creators. We don’t need labels or managers to tell us what to do and what to release. I hate the fake shit. The biting, the entitlement, the users and the abusers. The addiction to “clout” and Xanax culture. The need to use dead people’s names to stay relevant and push their music.

Argubably Kold-Blooded’s most well-known offering, “Homecoming” featuring the likes of Lil Peep, Killstation, JGRXXN, Ghostemane, OmenXIII, Brennan Savage, and Kold-Blooded himself is a underground classic.

Honestly couldn’t agree more and I hope those morals continue because I definitely agree. One of the last questions i had for you is what would you do if you got filthy rich from music?

I’m going to Japan hands down. Making that one of the home bases along side LA. I’d pay every producer I’ve worked with properly. Especially those who gave me free beats. Other than that, just invest when I can and continue to build and create with those I respect and admire.

See that’s absolutely so inspiring and I would hope many more people would take that opportunity. What do you do when you aren’t creating? What keeps you sane?

I’m probably either smoking gaming it up on games like Fallout or resident evil or maybe even like Street fighter or something other than that I just try to rest man like you can’t take a lot of stuff too serious you got to enjoy yourself when you have the time to do so there is a time for everything a time to work and a time to play and a time to rest you have to learn how to balance all that or you tend to stress yourself out and that’s not healthy.

100% agree and I know so many artists can get something from that I’m glad you have a good balance. My last question for you is who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Easy. Bizzy Bone. Andre3000, Tech N9ne, Chamillionaire, and Xavier Wulf.

Most people have a hard time deciding but you banged that one out. Do you have any last words or shout outs before we sign off?

I just want to thank you and all of UVC for reaching out, I’ve had a lot to say for a long time but our of respect I’ve stayed quiet.

As you can see, I rarely put myself first, even this interview was more about getting facts straight and those I want to see shine, not just bragging about how “hot” my next projects are going to be. I’ll let the fans decide that. S/O to Mr. Sisco, JGRXXN and OmenXIII. I really would have given up on myself if it weren’t for y’all pushing me. Bazz Mafia and Schemaposse til I die. R.I.P. Lil Peep.

This is the first of many truths I will share, I hope to see you on the other side. Thank Each and every one of you who has ever listened to my music. It’s all I ever wanted and it means more to me than money or fame could ever bring.

Thank you so much to yourself & the whole crew. Huge huge shout out to everyone you mentioned and the OG’s that made everything what it is today. We appreciate you guys so much and we forever look up to you. Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this.

You can find Kold-Blooded’s SoundCloud page below featuring one of his recent drops titled “Dont Mention It”.