Dylan of HereComesTheArt spoke to us about his design work, favourite pieces and how great Graduation by Kanye West is in this exclusive UVC interview.

First off let everyone know who you are and what you do.

Hi my name is Dylan of HereComesTheArt. I am an illustrator and designer based out of Austin Texas!

How did you get started in design?

What got me into design was a class I took in high school, digital arts. Every semester I would have a traditional art class, I didn’t think anything of digital arts before I took it. To me it was just a random elective lol

That’s cool stumbling into a passion almost by accident

How would you describe your art style?

I know! It’s like the stars aligned!

I’m blessed to have a little talent with lots of passion. I really wanna make something huge with my creations.

I would say my style is always evolving, right now I’m just have fun with it. At the moment I’d say Nickelodeon meets early MTV.

For real, that’s a hell of a combo

How do you get into the right mindset when working on a new piece?

Ah usually that’s late at night when the world is quiet. During the day is when ideas come to mind and if I have time I’ll sketch them out during the day.

Do you feel your work has a lot of preplanning or is it spontaneous?

At the moment I feel like it’s more spontaneous, although in the future I’d like to plan more for major pieces.

I feel that, spontaneous creativity sometimes yields the best results

Speaking of the future do you have any major pieces planned at the moment?

With any well known artists I have to wait and see, but this year coming up I really want to focus on developing my style more and exploring different techniques and such. I do have an idea for a clothing line but that’s still in the works. The name of the brand will be CRAYOMA

Clothing brands seem to be a good move right now.

What kind of stuff are you planning on releasing through CRAYOMA or can you not give details yet?

I might start off with some essentials like a logo tee. What I do want to do is make articles of clothing more towards novelty looks but in a tasteful way. I really like the style of Jeremy Scott and Japanese fashion.

I feel you you could definitely bring your style to fashion in a big way

Are there any designs you’re particularly proud of?

I am really proud this unused piece I did for @DymeADuzin project called “crown fried”

I really like the direction on the art style. I plan to expand on the primitive abstract look. I made this with crayola crayons.

What medium would you say is your favourite to work with? Do you prefer physical materials or digital work?

At the moment I’m working digitally because art supplies start adding up lol hopefully the money I make off the web can help me buy markers and such.

If you had it your way what would you work with most often?

Um probably physically but only by a little. I’ve had times where i was drawing and literally tried to ctrl z lol.

Looking ahead where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself being an illustrator full time, I’d also like to have a more defined art style. I also have worked on video editing and music so maybe more of that as well. The end goal at the moment is to have my own production company.

Nice one!

Have you considered working for a larger design company to get started or are you happier working independently to work exclusively on projects you choose?

Yes! I would like to! just to learn the ins and outs. Very important!

But it’d definitely be temporary, I like the own boss feel of things.

Yeah and also the exclusivity, that’s something I’ve been becoming more fond of, the rarity.

I can definitely see it being good experience

Moving on a bit, what is your all time favourite album cover?

Kanye West Graduation

That’s definitely a good one

What about it’s design do you like most?

I definitely like the cartoon aspect of it, Ye was ahead of his time and matching the music to the cover gives you wonder like what else is going on in this universe, the colors are so vivid

the bear representing Kanye is back, but this time illustrated. Ilike consistency and building of something. That’s why the cover is one of my favorites, it’s a symbol.

We’ve talked a lot about design work and album art but are there any classic artists you’re a fan of? Any older pieces you take inspiration from in what you do?

Definitely George Condo, Takashi Murakami, Zach Thompson. Just a few.

Do you feel their styles have a influence on your work?

Yeah a little bit. I would say video game art would be more influential to my style, also the simpsons.

You mentioned video games, are there any particular games with art styles you really enjoy?

I definitely like Yoshi’s Island, I like the crayon style coloring and the fun vibes it has.

Damn that one is pretty

Is video game art something you’d consider working on in the future? Whether it’s promotional or concept based?

Yeah the colors in the game are so well executed!

Yeah more on the promotional part

That would be cool to see for sure

If you weren’t an artist what do you think you’d be doing?

Definitely a chef.

For real?

What made you pick that?

Well first things first, I love food lol.

But I like the artistry in it from the taste to the process of plating the food.

There’s this competition show called “chopped” where chefs are given 3 ingredients and have to combine them to make a dish. Sometimes the ingredients are way unrelated which pushes the creative thought.

Dude chopped is so good, I think a lot of people don’t realise how much artistry goes into cooking it’s often overlooked as a creative field

Switching it up a lot here, if there was only one album you could listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?


Solid answer there!
What about that album stands out most for you?

Everything really from the cover to the samples used, and for real Drunk and Hot Girls is sooooo slept on.

To me it’s timeless.

So random but it reminds me of the cartoon Samurai Jack lol.

Ialso loves the videos! stronger had the Akira vibes, good life had animation from “so me”

even the video to champion was good!

Those are solid reasons  for sure

Before we wrap up the interview do you have anything to plug? Any words of wisdom?

Be on the l👀kout for CRAYOMA Clothing!

And some words of wisdom,

you only know one life, the time spent here on earth should be chasing aspirations and loving what you do, we don’t have time for the hate, that’s just wasted time.. and also stop worrying what other people think, you need to fuck with yourself, make sure you’re happy.

Shoutout Dylan for a killer interview. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming clothing line and be sure to follow them on Instagram @herecomestheart to make sure you don’t miss anything!