Producer/vocalist SAVEHER and vocalist BLXCKHXRT, members of the mysterious collective, 0d, drop off another single that is sure to make your speakers knock.

“Shoot Off” comes in with a dreamy ambience that SAVEHER usually employs in his work. Quite soon after, some of the loudest, most-aggressive 808s we’ve heard in a minute come in on the track to assist the softer synths that were there originally. SAVEHER and BLXCKHXRT follow up and float over the beat with auto-tuned lyrics about not missing certain now-irrelevant people in their history, and “shooting off” past them.

“Shoot Off” is good for easy listening as the melodies have a carefree nature and the bass is head-nod-worthy. At the same time, when we take a deeper listen, this latest single may resonate with listeners who are trying to move past old flames and companions; take your pick, but either way this new offering from the 0d collective will pique your interest.