There is a lot of young fashion designers coming out L.A these days but none stand out like Keagan Hoffman. Creator of the Chain Force 0’s and many more memorable pieces, he gives a little more insight into work with this UVC interview.

For the people that don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Keagan Hoffman and I am an graphic artist, I make graphic designs for artist or companies, but I’m well known for these shoes I made called “Chain Forces”.

What made you want to be a fashion designer?

I was always interested in fashion but never thought I’ll be considered one, it started when I made the chain Forces and every since then interest of making clothes grew more on me.

What drawbacks come from having what seem to be high aspirations?

Drawbacks other people may consider is I don’t go to school anymore.. unfortunate right? I’m just kidding.

What inspires you to keep going?

The inspiration to keep going is warm messages I get from supporters that I inspire them, I read all my DM’s on “Keaganistan”.

The first thing a lot people first noticed you for was your Chain Force 0’s, how did it feel to get attention like that at first?

The attention from Chain Forces was pretty cool to me because I never had so many people look at what I created and critic it, so I was processing it at the time, but now I appreciate it!

I remember after that first pair came out, I started seeing them all over the place. The internet was going crazy for them and I remember them on vogue at one point. How did it feel to know that you made such an amazing piece?

If people consider it an amazing piece I am truly proud! But I am also proud with a lot of my work that other people may not consider an amazing piece too.

You don’t sell the shoes as well either. What’s the rationale behind it? I know there is tons of people that will kill for their own pair.

I don’t sell the shoes because I don’t really have a interest in money.

Outside of shoes you’ve been branching of into clothing as well. The piece I see the most often on Instagram is the Cross hoodie. Do you plan on doing more clothing anytime soon?

Yes! I will definitely make more clothes but it will only be in few quantities since I’m more of an quality/scarcity person when it comes to making art or clothes.

With your clothing I want to ask about the Vlone/Juice Wrld incident. What did you think when you saw that your aesthetic was being copied?

Well I was kind of happy because I thought my design was worthy enough to be seen by an big company.

You’ve done a lot of artwork for some high profile people in the underground. How did you come about getting those jobs?

Usually the artist will tell another artist by me and I will get a dm or I’ll see them in a studio and it’s like an chain reaction

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve done for an artist?

My favorite pierce I done for an artist.. hmm, to be honest I do like the most of the art on my portfolio so I can’t say.. maybe most?

Along with art for rappers you’ve also done some music yourself! What made you want to start that?

I started music in high school because I was inspired by a lot of people on SoundCloud at the time, the most inspiring people to me was like Xavier Wulf, yung sherman, ecco2k, white armor, Bladee, hearing their music made me really want to produce and record my own music.

Do you plan on pursuing that as well as fashion or just do a song here and there?

I will do music here and there! Because I like to focus on one thing at a time, I think that will bring the best work out of someone

What advice do you have more people just starting to make clothes?

An advice to people that are starting to make clothes is always ask for what other people’s perspective is! Not what they think should be “fixed” or “changed” also do it because you love it, not for the money or fame, and lastly maybe watch some runways, or a lookbook, it may inspire you!

As we end the interview, do you want to give any shoutouts?

And shout outs too? Shout out to René Magritte!

You can find Keagan Hoffman on Instagram here.