Icytool is an enigmatic rapper who appears to prefer staying silent and letting his music speak for itself. His new single “DIE 4 ME” has a certain swagger that makes him a distinct artist in the underground.

In “DIE 4 ME”, Icytool sounds like he doesn’t even need to try if he wants to end the lives of his enemies. In the beginning of this track, the hook is minimalistic but sums up the rest of the song well:

Give em hell, bitch I give em hell

As he eerily chants over even more eerie production, Icytool’s lyrics could be mistaken for a hard trap rapper’s statements about money, drugs, and having a supply of weapons. But this rapper doesn’t choose to just yell threateningly over a loud, flamboyant orchestra of hi-hats, bass, and synths. Instead, what he brings to the table is an understated charisma as he nonchalantly brags about his life.