We’ve all had those moments where scrolling the timeline we find out our favorite artist, producer, and DJ have dropped projects on the same day. Keeping up with this can be frustrating for people, so we’ve compiled some of the latest releases for you to check out.

Sglily – be cool (Prod. Lovbug & Kaiser)

Sglily is a relatively unknown creative. Coming out of the up-and-coming Ivvy League collective, most people would be quick to compare Sglily to other artists with use of auto-tune and futuristic beats. However, Sglily sets himself apart with his attention to lyrics, mood, and flow of his tracks. His newest offering “BE COOL” produced by Lovbug and Kaisor, showcases this.

Pull me up cant promise i’m fine / Hold me down can’t resurrect me / The drugs can’t work so well / Give it all don’t second guess me / I get used to this all the time

Nascar Aloe – SPMO! (Prod. DUEYDIRTY)

If you’ve been following Nascar Aloe for a while, you might just know how much his sound has changed. Originally going for a softer, more “pleasant” style of music with songs like “MACARONI” and “4 MY DEPRESSED HOMIES” his style has morphed into a more grimy, rough around the edges, raw kind of sound. Now sporting spikes and an attitude, Nascar Aloe has found himself in the spotlight recently. His newest offering “SPMO!” showcases his aesthetics at their best accompanied with Duey Dirty‘s production.

Rvmbokash – Fukk12 (Prod. XanGang)

Coming out of the DMV area, Rvmbokash has been on a roll this year. Recently collaborating with the likes of Neilaworld‘s Lil Turbo and producers Lifted and Fadedblackid, Rvmbokash gives us a new offering titled “FUKK12” produced by XanGang off his recently dropped “THEM VS. US” album hosted by Zach Skywalker and Slimeywrldmusik. Rvmbokash proclaiming that his gun will “blow like a fan” backed up by XanGang‘s lurid and melodic production creates the perfect hood anthem for just about anyone.

Braxton Knight – N1ghtm4r3z (Prod. Vinso)

Midnight Society‘s Braxton Knight makes the kind of music that stays with you. His effective use of auto-tune and memorable hooks combined with his emotionally driven lyrics have gained him a cult fan base in the underground. And with this newly released nightcore-esque inspired track,Braxton Knight finds himself taking us into “dreamland” thanks to Vinso‘s accelerated and seemingly electronic production.

Austin Skinner – Fuck Love, I Like Checks (Prod. Mathiastyner)

Reigning from Virginia, Austin Skinner is mostly known for his laid-back and snug approach to his music. While a portion of his music has always featured the likes of drug use, murder, and robbery, it has always been done so in a melodious way. However, on this SAMY exclusive track, Austin Skinner finds himself summoning his inner demon.

Casually announcing that the talking his opposition is doing about him will “leave them dead” and that he’ll load his gun “like a mop”, Austin Skinner proves he is not one to be messed with on this Mathiastyner produced track.