Seattle creative and director Lilhouseboat have us an inside look on his visual career and much more in this UVC exclusive.

First things first where are you from and how old are you?

I’m 17 years old and I’m from Seattle Washington.

Young creative out of Seattle, tell me about your experiences growing up there what’s that been like for you?

Seattle is a good city to grow up in, in my opinion. The city has its ups and downs and now that I’m getting older I’m getting tired of living there, but I still am grateful I grew up in such a creative city.

I get that response a lot i’m glad to hear Seattle treats their people well. So being a creative/director what was your first exposure to filming? When did you initially get into your craft?

I first started creating videos when I was in 7th grade, instead of my filming stuff I would take video game clips and edit them. I did this all the way up to freshman year of high school until I could get a camera and start learning how to film stuff.

That’s amazing I kinda figured you had a start like that, when you got a camera at what point did you start to take it seriously?

For the first two years of me shooting I would pretty much only take photos and personal videos but I knew it’s what I loved doing. I knew It’s what I wanted to do. I dropped out junior year of high school and I guess that’s when I started to take everything seriously because this is the only thing I have planned for my future.

I know a lot of videographers and filters can get a lot of from this that’s super inspiring. When did you first get into filming music videos?

Start of 2018 When I first met Shame. I knew I had always wanted to shoot a music video but I never went out looking for artists I wanted to shoot one for because I didn’t know how the finished product would come out since it was new to me.

Wow that’s some absolute rare shit, how did you end up meeting Shame and the others? Did you think it would turn into such a snowball effect?

I first met Shame at this beach in Seattle, me and my friends were hanging out and Shame was there and he played me one of his first songs he had made. This was like 6 months before we became friends. The first time we hung was around December 2018 him and Nez came over and we ended up going to a peep memorial and then after that night we just started hanging out a lot more and it just kinda played out into me becoming the videographer for them. I didn’t end up meeting Capoxxo or all the other Hinoni guys till around August of 2018. When I first met Shame and Nez I knew there sound was good, I loved the music they were making and I knew they were gonna make it somewhere but I had no idea where.

Such an amazing thing how little things can add up. So with all that being said what are some of your plans for the spring and 2019?

Lots of music videos. I want to film a video for everyone in Hinoni, also I think we might start making behind the scenes for the music videos and what goes into making the music. I’m not exactly sure what else is coming but I do know we’re gonna be making a lot more video related content.

That’s gonna be absolutely exciting and I know everyone is gonna be hyped for that. Who are some other artists you would like to work with in the future in regards to filming with them? Big or small.

I would love to shoot videos for Lil Narnia, Convolk, Bladee. There’s a lot more that aren’t coming to mind right now but I think I could make some rare stuff for them.

I know just from your recent work that you’d destroy a video for them it could be so sick. What’s your process like when you go to shoot a video? Do you get nervous sometimes?

When I know I’m gonna shoot for a certain song, if I can, I listen to it on repeat and then just sit there and think about ideas I have or what effects would be sick for the song. I do get nervous sometimes but it’s more of like me hoping they like my artistic visions for the videos.

Every filmer is different and you definitely capture the right moments when you get into the zone for anyone. What’s your number one goal as a videographer/filmer? What’s the number one thing you want to achieve?

I just want to make stuff I can look back on and be proud of.

Absolutely an ultimate goal you’re on the path for. What’s your favorite thing about filming and finalizing a visual?

It’s really cool seeing the visions I have come together in the final products, also the reactions I get when I give the artists the final product makes me happy.

That must be so dope I can’t imagine the reactions you’ve gotten. One of my last questions for you is if you were to get rich what would be the first thing you would do?

First thing that’s comes to mind I would probably buy a house big enough that everyone in Hinoni could live in it and build a in-house studio. That would be pretty sick.

Definitely gotta get the set up going that’s a fact. I can only imagine what everyone could accomplish with that. To close this out who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time? Coming from someone who doesn’t create music I’m sure this is gonna be an interesting opinion.

That’s hard because I listen to so many varieties of music but I would say Lil Peep, Billy Idol, Yung Shame, and Yung Lean.

Definitely such a power list those could be amazing. Before we sign off do you have any last words or shout outs?

Thanks for the interview! Shoutout to all the Hinoni guys, they’ve all taught me so much and I don’t think I’d be this far without them.