Philly collective R1 strikes again with another hit, this time from Superiorr Rvpso on his new track “Stop Trying” which is one of his best yet.

Backed by floaty production similar to beats made by ICYTWAT a few years ago, the synths envelop Rvpso’s deep, textured voice and support it as he finds the balance between rapping apathetically and charismatically. It’s a fine line between being boring and having a commanding presence when rappers choose to take on a monotonous delivery, but Rvpso’s voice is well-suited to this style of rapping and he walks that line well, calling out posers, girls looking for his attention, and other artists who sound the same and don’t have an original sound.

Fittingly, Rvpso’s song puts its own spin on similar cloud-rap-like beats by taking on a more fast-paced feel than the tempo of similar-sounding songs we’ve heard before, distinguishing itself in the underground rap scene and taking inspiration from other music but adding some originality. Rvpso, Junsuii, and Tooicy’s talents in this song can be found in its duality: it’s good to listen to when relaxing, while it still retains enough energy for a hyped-up live performance.